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Lost Man

DIR: Laurent Van Lancker
2009 / Belgium / 31 min

More Added on 2.3.2014


Time Travel

DIR: António Caetano Faria, Carolina Neves Rodrigues
2011 / Macau SAR China / 57 min

More Added on 28.2.2014


Living With Leviathan

DIR: Şirin Bahar Demirel
2013 / Turkey / 11 min

More Added on 26.2.2014


My World

DIR: Sergio García Locatelli
2013 / Spain / 4 min

More Added on 26.2.2014


A Cell Phone Movie

DIR: Nedzad Begovic
2011 / Bosnia and Herzegovina / 63 min

More Added on 25.2.2014


President Wanted

DIR: Tomáš Kudrna
2013 / Czech Republic / 104 min

More Added on 24.2.2014



DIR: Silvie Dymáková
2013 / Czech Republic / 74 min

More Added on 18.2.2014



DIR: Leonore Kasper
2013 / Germany / 23 min

More Added on 16.2.2014


Kick That Habit

DIR: Peter Liechti
1989 / Switzerland / 40 min

More Added on 13.2.2014


The Sound of Insects: Record of a Mummy

DIR: Peter Liechti
2009 / Switzerland / 88 min

More Added on 10.2.2014


Signers Suitcase

DIR: Peter Liechti
1996 / Switzerland / 85 min

More Added on 10.2.2014


Marthas Garten

DIR: Peter Liechti
1997 / Switzerland / 89 min

More Added on 10.2.2014


Grimsel – Ein Augenschein

DIR: Peter Liechti
1990 / Switzerland / 48 min

More Added on 10.2.2014


Vertical / Horizontal

DIR: Peter Liechti
1985 / Switzerland / 8 min

More Added on 10.2.2014


Alpine Forays

DIR: Peter Liechti
1986 / Switzerland / 33 min

More Added on 10.2.2014


New film additions on the shelves of DAFilms.com!

New film additions on the shelves of DAFilms.com!

Do you want to keep up to date with the new film additions in our online catalogue? You will appreciate our selection of the five most recent films that share the same subject. An uncompromising look at the most pressing political issues ranging from the Gaza strip conflict to the alarming number of young unemployed in Europe. Find out about our new and up-to-date offer!

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- 28.7.2014 -

Marseille Full of Contrast

Marseille Full of Contrast

It has been a week since the festive open air screening has concluded the 25th edition of FIDMarseille IFF, the French representative of Doc Alliance documentary platform. Held at the Côte d’Azur, the festival has shined again with its appealingly contrasting character. The demanding conceptual film programme was complemented by the warm energy of social meetings.

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- 14.7.2014 -

The Tough Task of a Festival Juror

The Tough Task of a Festival Juror

The jury is an inherent part of film festivals, just like the viewers. What is it like to sit on a prestigious international jury? We have posed this question to DAFilms acquisitions manager Diana Tabakov, who has risen to the juror’s task at London’s Open City Docs Fest.

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- 7.7.2014 -

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