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Pavel Kostomarov



After earning his first degree in biology, Kostomarov graduated from VGIK’s Cinematography Department in 2002. In 2005 he studied at the European Discovery Campus, and then in 2006 at BBC’s London office. As a DoP, Kostomarov shot features with Sergei Loznitsa, AlekseiUchitel, Aleksei Popogrebsky, and Boris Khlebnikov. Beginning in 2003, Pavel worked as a director and cinematographer on his own projects. In 2010 Kostomarov received the Berlinale’s Silver Bear “For Outstanding Artistic Achievement”. His director’s filmography includes: I Don’t Love You (Warsaw IFF, 2012, Kyiv IFF, 2012, Minsk IFF, 2012, East Silver Market, Best Documentary nomination, 2012, Tromsø IFF, 2013), I Love You (premiered in Rotterdam IFF in 2011), Together (Grand Prize at Vyborg FF and Golden Apricot IFF in Yerevan, Armenia), The Mother (Best East European Film Award at DOK Leipzig 2007), Life in Peace (Silver Dove atDOK Leipzig 2004), The Transformer (Best Documentary at Tampere International Short Film Festival, Best Film Award and Public Award at Cellul’Art 2004). His latest film directed by Pivovarov/ Kostomarov/ Rastorguev, The Term, premiered in Karlovy Vary in 2014, and the last producers' work by Kostomarov/Rastorguev, Kiev/Moscow. Part 1 (directed by Elena Khoreva), premiered in Locarno in 2015.

THE TERM (with Alexey Pivovarov and Alexander Rastorguev), Estonia/Russia, 2014, 52', documentary
PLAYBACK (with Antoine Cattin), Switzerland/ Russia, 2012, 66’, documentary
I DON’T LOVE YOU (with Aleksandr Rastorguev), Russia, 2012, 85’, documentary/fiction/experimental
I LOVE YOU (with Aleksandr Rastorguev), Russia, 2011, 80’, documentary/fiction/experimental
TOGETHER, Russia, 2009, 48’, documentary
THE MOTHER (with Antoine Cattin), Russia / Switzerland, 2007, 80’, documentary
LIFE IN PEACE (with Antoine Cattin), Russia / Switzerland, 2004, 45’, documentary
THE TRANSFORMER (with Antoine Cattin), Russia / Switzerland, 2004, 16’, documentary


I Don't Love You

Ya tebya ne lyublyu (Orig.) / 2012 / Russia / 85 min

A youth comedy about the tragedy of first love. An experiment in the area of the cinematic language. REC, accidentally pressed in the middle of a fight. A few bedroom scenes, shot with a home camera. Cries and whispers from the working outskirts. The audience of the film is both Bergman fans and YouTube users.


Living in Peace 00

Living In Peace

Mirnaja žizň (Orig.) / 2004 / Russia / 52 min

As of December 11, 1994, the war in Chechnya continued. Sultan's wife was killed and their home was plundered. The husband and the son flee to the Russian countryside, where they are trying to start a new life...



The Term

Srok (Orig.) / 2014 / Estonia, Russia / 52 min

This documentary project was conceived in May 2012, when Putin had just settled into the Kremlin for his third term. The original experimental format of “documentary bulletins,” which were published daily online, allowed for wide-ranging content; the feature film focused solely on the members of various opposition groups...





“My work has two strands: the first one deals with direct political images of violence, aggression and protest, mostly in Israeli-Palestinian context. It’s critique of news media, researching the complex, both realistic and surrealistic aspects of these images. The second strand of videos is more abstract and universal, dealing with cognitive, environmental and existential issues,” says the director about his works.

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- 16.1.2017 -

Charter 77

Charter 77

We commemorate the 40th anniversary of the founding of Charter 77 by presenting documentary profiles of the signatories to this important initiative of anti-communist resistance. Learn more about the context of this historical event by means of an authentic film experience.

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Merry and Cinematic Christmas from DAFilms!

Merry and Cinematic Christmas from DAFilms!

A bonus subscription to DAFilms.com is a present you will never get tired of thanks to its diversity. You can get it for your close ones or just for yourself.

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