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Pavel Stingl

Pavel Štingl

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Pavel Štingl (born in 1960 in Prague) studied at the documentary film department at FAMU in Prague. His graduation film Naučit se bát/ Learning to Fear from the environment of young doctors received a whole range of awards and determined one of the main directions of his filmmaking. In 1990, he started a long series of political documentaries from the countries of the former Soviet block awarded at numerous festivals: Japan Prix for Země bez hrobů (The Land without Graves), Prix Italia for Pozdrav ze země, kde včera znamenalo zítra ( Greetings from the Country Where Yesterday Meant Tomorrow) and others. He filmed in Romania, Albania, various parts of the former Soviet Union, Kosovo, Nagorno-Karabakh, China, South Africa, Israel and many other places of political conflict. In 1995, Štingl launched his own production company K2 through which he produced several documentary series and a number of extensive coproduction documentaries. Among the most extensive are historical accounts of the twentieth century: Deník pana Pfitznera (The Diary of Mr. Pfitzner); Čtyři páry bot (Four Pairs of Shoes); Příběh trosečníků Patrie (The Survivors of the Shipwrecked Patria), film of the year at FIAT/IFTA; Příběh o zlém snu (A Story About a Bad Dream), MTF Japan Award. His films were screened at numerous international as well as domestic festivals, receiving a number of awards. K2’s largest projects include the feature-length film Mír jejich duši ( Peace to their Souls) and the extensive multimedia exposition of the new museum at the memorial of the town of Lidice, burned to the ground by the Nazis, A nevinní byli vini (And the Innocent Were Guilty), to become the most modern exposition on war history in the Czech Republic.


Naučit se bát/ Learning to Fear (20´, Czechoslovakia, 1985)
Romania Libera (Czechoslovakia/Romania, 1990)
Země bez hrobů (Czechoslovakia, 1991)
Slzy vítězství Albánie (Czechoslovakia /Albany, 1991)
Studentská láska (Czechoslovakia /Albany, 1991)
Pozdrav ze země, kde včera znamenalo zítra (CZ/Russia, 1993)
Quo Vadis South Africa…? (CZ, 1994)
Světová válka v nás (39´, CZ, 1994)
Takoví jsme byli (CZ, 1996)
Čtyři páry bot (50´, CZ, 1996)
Příběh trosečníku Patrie (51´, CZ, 1997)
Kámen a poznání (59´, CZ, 1998)
Deník pana Pfitznera (89´, CZ, 1998)
Jen jeden pokus se životem (39´, CZ, 1999)
Zaniklý svět Karla Pecky (50´, CZ, 2000)
O zlém snu (50´, CZ, 2000)
Selhání (55´, CZ, 2000)
Chaos (CZ, 2001)
Druhý život Lidic/ The Second Life of Lidice (58´, CZ, 2002)
Návrat zapadlých vlastenců (58´, CZ, 2003)
Malování potmě (56´, CZ, 2003)
Mír jejich duši (80´, CZ, 2004)
Popis jednoho zápasu (72´, CZ, 2004)
Jára Cimrman (36´, CZ, 2005)
Divadlo bláznivých dramat Borise Rösnera (56´, CZ, 2006)
Suchá hora, dědina na konci trati (52´, CZ, 2007)
Ghetto jménem Baluty (89´, CZ, 2008)
Cesta k cestě (56´, CZ, 2009)
Šil jsem u Kubiše (57', CZ, 2010)
Heydrich - konečné řešení (44x26', CZ, 2011)
Raport o Velké válce (40', CZ, 2013)
Eugéniové/Eugenic Minds (80', CZ/Slovakia, 2013)

May They Rest in Peace1

May They Rest in Peace

Mír jejich duši (Orig.) / 2004 / Czech Republic / 120 min

director Pavel Štingl / Czech Republic 2004 / 120´/ Special Events /



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