Samantha Granger

Samantha Granger (Switzerland)

Samantha Granger was born in Geneve in 1968. She posses of two nationalities – Swiss and English. She graduated from l'Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Geneve, departement of film studies. She has made several short and middle-length films, both fiction or documentary. In 2009 she released her first feature-length documentary Fragments d'un carnet sonore which depicts her unique trip from Geneva to Japan within a 6 months deadline on a VW mini van. She published a novel titled Dédale organique.


Les pas perdus (5', Switzerland, 2001)
Instance de froid (5', Switzerland, 2002)
Papier de bord (2', Switzerland, 2002)
Hermaphrodisme (2'30, Switzerland, 2002)
Orifices éphémères (4', Switzerland, 2002)
Sushis Story (9', Switzerland, 2003)
Branchage (3', Switzerland, 2003)
Mercure (3', Switzerland, 2003)
Amnésie locale (16', Switzerland, 2003)
Autoportrait à boule flottante (2', Switzerland, 2003)
Staccato en paysage (1'35, Switzerland, 2004)
D'un geste à l'autre (15', Switzerland, 2004)
Solitudes (5'35, Switzerland, 2004)
Abstraction (3', Switzerland, 2004)
Espace blanc (20', Switzerland, 2004)
Autoportraits I-II-III-IV (12'50, Switzerland, 2005)
Transhumance d'un parrapluie rouge (9', Switzerland, 2005)
Hokkaido (36', Switzerland, 2005)
Le temps d'un yoyo (20', Switzerland, 2009)
Carnets d'un fragment sonore (85', Switzerland, 2009)

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