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Manuel Mozos



Manuel Mozos was born in 1959 in Lisbon. He studied History and Philosophy before enrolling the School of Theatre and Cinema, where he specialized himself as an editor. Was responsible for the edition of several films until, in 1989, he directed Um Passo, Outro Passo e Depois... and, in 1992, his first feature, Xavier. Since then he also directed several documentaries and video clips. Manuel Mozos works at the National Moving Images Archive Department.


Um Passo, Outro Passo e Depois... (58´, Portugal, 1989)
Xavier (100´, Portugal, 1992)
Solitarium (Portugal, 1996)
Cinema Português? (50´, Portugal, 1997)
José Cardoso Pires - Diário de Bordo (Portugal, 1998)
...Quando Troveja (92´, Portugal, 1999)
Censura: Alguns Cortes (Portugal, 1999)
Crescei e Multiplicai-vos (Portugal, 2000)
Diana (Portugal, 2007)
4 Copas (106´, Portugal, 2008)
Ruínas (60´, Portugal, 2009)
Tony (Short, 2009)
Cinema: Alguns Cortes - Censura II (Documentary short, 2014)
João Bénard da Costa (Documentary, 2014)
Cinzas e Brazas (Short, 2015)
Cinema: Alguns Cortes - Censura III (Documentary short, 2015)


João Bénard da Costa - Others will love the things I loved

João Bénard da Costa - Outros amarão as Coisas que eu amei (Orig.) / 2014 / Portugal / 76 min

“João Bénard da Costa was the head of Cinemateca Portuguesa for eighteen years. I walked down his memory lane and found his love for painting, for churches, for Proust and Musil, for Italy, films, Mozart, and for his friends. But what I really wanted was to depict the contradictory man of flesh and blood, a free man.” Manuel Mozos




Ruinas (Orig.) / 2009 / Portugal / 60 min

Fragments of spaces and times, remains of eras and places inhabited only by memories and ghosts. Traces of things which time, the elements, nature and human action have modified and still do. With the passing of time everything that was cease to exist, eventually becoming into something else.



The Glory of Filmmaking in Portugal

A Glória de Fazer Cinema em Portugal (Orig.) / 2015 / Portugal / 17 min

On 18 September 1929, José Régio sent a letter to Alberto Serpa expressing his desire to create a production company and start making films...





David Čálek‘s successful documentary Climbing Higher about Czech climber Radek Jaroš, which won at the BANFF festival, is available for FREE streaming in the online documentary cinema DAFilms.com from December 8 to 11.

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- 8.12.2016 -

Winter Portion of Czech Documentary Films

Winter Portion of Czech Documentary Films

For 3.99 euro, you can get a selection of documentaries that entered Czech cinematic distribution in 2016 as well as access to another 1500 films from around the world. Dear friends, please, do not forget that you can give an ideal present not only to your intellectual friends but also to yourselves.

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- 7.12.2016 -

Unique films at FAMUFEST

Unique films at FAMUFEST

The 33rd edition of FAMUFEST, a competition display of films made by students of Prague’s FAMU, will be held on November 23 to 27 at Prague’s Letná District. Like in the past year, it will take place at Bio Oko, plus at the new venues of Studio Hrdinů and Café Jedna.

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