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Zsigmund Deszo

Zsigmond Dezső



Zsigmund Deszö was born in 1956, Gyöngyös. Graduated in Hungarian Literature and Linguistics from the Szombathely Teachers' College and in journalism from the National Association of Journalists in 1983. Made his first film at the Balázs Béla Studio. Has made mainly documentary films, his first fiction film was made in 1993.

Filmography (selection):

Emlékfilmek Szigeti Attiláról és Földes Gáborról/ The Memory of Attila Szigeti and Gábor Földes (Hungary, 1989)
A kis indiánkönyv/ The Little Indian Book – together with János Erdélyi (Hungary, 1989)
Vérrel és kötéllel/ With Blood and Rope– together with János Erdélyi (Hungary, 1990)
Ameddig a harang szól 160 rész/ Until The Bell Rings(160 parts)– together with János Erdélyi(Hungary, 1991)
Az eltűnt idő nyomában/ A la recherche du temps perdu– together with János Erdélyi (Hungary, 1992)
A boldog ember/ The Happy Man– together with János Erdélyi (Hungary, 1992)
Ketten Tündérországból/ Two of them from Fairyland (Hungary, 1993)
Indián tél/ Indian Winter – together with János Erdélyi (81´, Hungary, 1993)
Andersen álmok I-VII/ Dreams About Andersen I-VII (Hungary, 1993)
Nem szoktam, nem szoktam.../ Never do I, Never do I... (Hungary, 1994)
Dr. Németh és Mr. Galgóczy/ Dr. Németh and Mr. Galgóczy (Hungary, 1994)
Isten akaratában/ God's Will (Hungary, 1995)
Az asszony/ The Woman with János Erdélyi (81´, Hungary, 1996)
A rózsa vére/ The Blood of the Rose (100´, Hungary, 1998)
Az évszázad árvize/ The Flood of Centuries– together with János Erdélyi (Hungary, 1998)
Péterfalvi zenészek/ Musicians from Péterfalva (Hungary, 1999)
Bizarr románc - Tanyasi Dekameron/ A Bizarre Romance - Rural Decameron (100´, Hungary, 2000)
A ház emlékei/ Memories of the House (Hungary, 2001)
Aranykalyiba/ Golden Hut (Hungary, 2003)
Csigavár/ Snail Fortress (Hungary, 2004)
Józsi nővér és a sárga bicikli/ Nurse Joe and the Yellow Bicycle (Hungary, 2005)
Slice of Their Life (Hungary, 2006)
Boszorkánykör (90´, Hungary, 2009)
Bunkerember (77´, Hungary, 2010)


Snail Fortress

Csigavár (Orig.) / 2005 / Hungary / 60 min

Best Central European Documentary Film, IDFF Jihlava 2005

This peculiar and grotesquely sad inner documentary is about childlike people growing old, about their world gradually shrinking around them and their small, fragile lives in a poor and harsh rural environment.



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