Thierry Michel

Thierry Michel (Belgium)

Thierry Michel is a Belgian film director, mostly making social and political documentaries. Over a twenty-year period he has made a series of documentaries on different aspects of Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo). Taken together his films provide a unique overview of the social, economic and political life of the country. Thierry Michel was born in Charleroi in Belgium on 13 October 1952 in an industrial region called "The Black Country". At the age of 16 he began cinema studies at the Institute of broadcast arts in Brussels. While there he experienced the last student upheavals of 1968. He became one of the leaders of an emerging Walloon cinema movement. Thierry Michel became interested in ethnographic work in developing countries, particularly Africa.

1970 : Mines (court métrage) 1971 : Ferme du Fir (court métrage)
1973 : Portrait d'un auto-portrait
1975 : Pays Noir, Pays Rouge
1982 : Chronique des saisons d'acier
1982 : Hiver 60
1985 : Hôtel particulier
1987 : Issue de secours
1990 : Gosses de Rio
1990 : À fleur de terre
1992 : Zaïre, le cycle du serpent
1993 : La Grâce perdue d'Alain Van der Biest
1994 : Somalie, l'humanitaire s'en va-t'en-guerre
1995 : Les Derniers Colons 1995 : Nostalgies post coloniales
1996 : Donka, radioscopie d'un hôpital africain
1999 : Mobutu roi du Zaïre
2003 : Iran, sous le voile des apparences
2005 : Congo River, Beyond Darkness
2009 : Katanga Business
2010 : Métamorphose d'une gare
2012 : L'affaire Chebeya
2013 : Moïse Katumbi: Foot, business et politique

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