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Sean McAllister  aktual

Sean McAllister

United Kingdom


Sean McAllister is an award-winning documentary filmmaker celebrated as one of the UK’s most exciting talents. From his early films Working for the Enemy (1997) and Minders (1998), both nominated for a Royal Television Society Awards, to his more recent successes, Sundance Jury Prize-winning Liberace of Baghdad (2004) and Japan: A Story of Love and Hate (2008), Sean’s work continues to inspire, surprise and fascinate audiences. His films portray, with characteristic intimacy and frankness, people from different parts of the world who are struggling to survive but are survivors, caught up in political and personal conflict, trying to make sense of the world we live in. His most recent feature The Reluctant Revolutionary (2012) about a Yemeni tour guide turned revolutionary opened the Panorama Dokumente at the 62nd Berlinale.


Hessle Road (20', UK, 1988)
Toxic Waste (10', UK, 1988)
Flyindales (20', UK, 1988)
A Passing Thought (3', UK, 1989)
The Season (40', UK, 1990)
Crematorium (10', UK, 1993)
Life with Brian (20', UK, 1994) Hitting 30 (40', UK, 1995)
Just People (60', UK, 1995)
Shoot out in Swansea (65', UK, 1997)
Working for the Enemy (65', UK, 1997)
The Minders (50', UK, 1998)
Settlers (65', UK, 2000)
Hull's Angel (50', UK, 2002)
The Liberace of Baghdad (70', UK, 2004)
Japan: A Story of Love and Hate (110', UK/Japan, 2008)
The Reluctant Revolutionary (70', UK, 2012)


Hull`s Angel

Hull`s Angel (Orig.) / 2002 / United Kingdom / 49 min

Since losing her job at a hostel for failing to work within the Home Office’s strict guidelines, 48-year-old Tina has continued to help Hull’s 1,500 asylum seekers for free...



Japan: A Story of Love and Hate

Japan: A Story of Love and Hate (Orig.) / 2008 / United Kingdom / 67 min

Naoki 56, had it all in Japan’s bubble economy days: he ran a business with 70 staff, drove a brand new BMW, and lived in a 6 bedroom house...




Settlers (Orig.) / 2000 / United Kingdom / 60 min

Tension mounts to the boiling point as Jewish “settlers” encroach upon the formerly exclusive Arab neighbourhoods of Jerusalem...



The Liberace of Baghdad

The Liberace of Baghdad (Orig.) / 2004 / Denmark, United Kingdom / 71 min

Samir Peter, once Iraq’s most famous pianist now plays in a half-empty hotel bar to contractors, mercenaries and besieged journalists...



The Minders

The Minders (Orig.) / 1998 / United Kingdom / 50 min

Sean McAllister creates a double portrait of his Ministry of Information minders, Kifah and Alla, following the aversion of the 1998 crisis in Iraq....



Unique films at FAMUFEST

Unique films at FAMUFEST

The 33rd edition of FAMUFEST, a competition display of films made by students of Prague’s FAMU, will be held on November 23 to 27 at Prague’s Letná District. Like in the past year, it will take place at Bio Oko, plus at the new venues of Studio Hrdinů and Café Jedna.

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Cosmopolitan DOK Leipzig

Cosmopolitan DOK Leipzig

Each edition of this festival is great; and even if it may seem impossible, even better than the past one.

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20th Jihlava IDFF is worth visiting

20th Jihlava IDFF is worth visiting

From October 25 to 30, the 20th edition of the largest celebration of documentary film in Central and Eastern Europe is held in Jihlava, Czech Republic. Until November 6, the festival continues online at DAFilms.com.

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