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Siegfried A. Fruhauf



Born in Grieskirchen (Upper Austria) in 1976 and grown up in the small village of Heiligenberg (Upper Austria). 1991 – 1994 Training as commercial manager.
Studied experimental visual design at the University of Artistic and Industrial Design in Linz where he first came into contact with the Austrian Film Avantgarde. From 1995 to 2010 he lived and worked in Linz and Heiligenberg. 2002 Supporting Award for Filmart by the Austrian Federal Chancellery.
Since 2001 organization of film and art events. Since 2009 lecturere at the University of Artistic and Industrial Design, Linz. Numerous works and shows in the area of film, video and fotography. Participation in various important international film festivals (Festival de Cannes - Semaine Internationale de la Critique, Intenational Filmfestival of Venice - Section Nuovi Territori, Sundance Film Festival Park City, ...). Member of sixpackfilm.
Has a son (Jonas Theodor) with the Austrian journalist Anna Katharina Laggner. Lives and works in Vienna and Heiligenberg since 2010.

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Still Dissolution // 2013
Etüde // 2011
Schwere Augen // 2011
Tranquility // 2010
Palmes d´Or // 2009
Night Sweat // 2008
Ground Control // 2008
BLED // 2007
graas // 2006
Mozart Dissolution (Mozart Min // 2006
The Mozart Minute // 2006
Mirror Mechanics // 2005
Phantom Ride // 2004
Structural Filmwaste. Dissolut // 2003
Structural Filmwaste. Dissolut // 2003
SUN // 2003
REAL TIME // 2002
Frontale // 2002
Exposed // 2001
Blow-Up // 2000
Höhenrausch // 1999
La Sortie // 1998
Wk=mMv2/2 // 1997



Blow-Up (Orig.) / 2000 / Austria / 1 min

The raw material used in Blow-up comprises two shots from an old educational film about first aid...




Exposed (Orig.) / 2001 / Austria / 9 min

Translated literally "exposed" means "to make something visible" or "uncovered". In photography it means to subject photographic film to light...



Ground Control

Ground Control (Orig.) / 2008 / Austria / 2 min

Ground Control is a rough video miniature. It begins with the simplest and most fundamental thing the electronic moving-image machine has to offer...



La Sortie

La Sortie (Orig.) / 1998 / Austria / 6 min

The first film of cinematographic history shows workers leaving a factory. Over a hundred years later Siegfried A. Fruhauf has made a fourth version of the film...



Mirror Mechanics

Mirror Mechanics (Orig.) / 2005 / Austria / 7 min

The film as a mirror and, as a further consequence, the phenomenon of identification primarily inherent in feature films, condense to a type of essence of film's potential...



Mountain Trip

Mountain Trip (Orig.) / 1999 / Austria / 4 min

Mountain Trip is a cinematic myriorama constructed of hundreds of Austrian postcards, which reflect a country's hackneyed trappings as no other medium can...



Night Sweat

Night Sweat (Orig.) / 2008 / Austria / 9 min

The sky´s blue hanging above the black of a forest. Lightning flashes over a clearing. And the white ball of the moon with dark spots...



Palmes d´Or

Palmes d´Or (Orig.) / 2009 / Austria / 6 min

Blurred silhouettes, where otherwise big stars stroll, gray streaks where glamour normally reigns, iconoclasm where strict attention is usually paid to visual staging...




REALTIME (Orig.) / 2002 / Austria / 4 min

All that film is can be reduced to two elements: light and (proportionately structured) movement. And there are many possible answers to the question of what light and proportionate movement are...



Structural Filmwaste. Dissolution 1

Structural Filmwaste. Dissolution 1 (Orig.) / 2003 / Austria / 4 min

Fruhauf, whose earlier works were also made as a kind of "handicraft", succeeded in embedding a paradigm switch in his homage to film art...



The Mozart Minute

The Mozart Minute (Orig.) / 2006 / Austria / 31 min

28 well-known filmmakers living and working in Austria were invited by WIENER MOZARTJAHR 2006 (VIENNA MOZART YEAR 2006), to produce associative miniatures on Mozart. The only requirement: They had to be one-minute art films...



Visegrad? Where the hell is that?

Visegrad? Where the hell is that?

With this daring motto, playfully ironic visual design and primarily interesting film selection, Visegrad Film Festival presented its programme in Cork, Ireland. How was it, where does it go and why is it actually held in Ireland?

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- 26.9.2016 -

A Showcase of Asian Documentary Film Jewels? TIDF!

A Showcase of Asian Documentary Film Jewels? TIDF!

The interest in all things Asian is growing faster than capital markets in the global world. That goes for documentary films as well. The contemporary production of Asian documentary filmmakers is regularly presented by Taiwan International Documentary Festival.

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- 12.9.2016 -

Gulîstan, Land of Roses Wins Prestigious Doc Alliance Selection Award at Locarno IFF

Gulîstan, Land of Roses Wins Prestigious Doc Alliance Selection Award at Locarno IFF

On Sunday, August 7, young director Zaynê Akyol became the 9th winner of the unique Doc Alliance Selection Award that is awarded since 2008 by the international Doc Alliance platform. The Kurdish director based in Canada received the award during an award ceremony at Locarno IFF. Along with the award, the filmmaker also received financial support of 5.000 euro for her future film.

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- 8.8.2016 -

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