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Olivier Zuchuat



Olivier Zuchuat was born in 1969 in Geneva, Switzerland.

After studying Theoretical Physics and Literature he became a Teaching Assistant at the Université de Lausanne (Switzerland).

In 1998 and 1999, he was an assistant for German director Matthias Langhoff.

He directed several theatrical productions of plays by Bertolt Brecht and Heiner Müller before turning his attention to documentary cinema.

Olivier has also worked in editing documentaries (mainly for the channel ARTE) with directors Nicolas Philibert, Fréderic Compain, Patrick Rotman, Patrick Barberis, Dominique Gros and with video artist Alejandra Rieja. He also worked as editor on the fiction 17 filles (Directed by Delphine et Muriel Coulin, Festival de Cannes, Semaine de la critique 2011).

Since 2006, Oliver has been teaching Film Studies at the Université de Paris-Est Marne la Vallée and at LA FEMIS Cinema School (Paris).

He now lives between France and Switzerland.


Comme des lions de pierre à l’entrée de la nuit / Like Stone Lions at the Gateway into Night (87’, Greece, 2012)
Au loin des villages/ Far from the Villages (75’, 2008, Switzerland)
Djourou un corde à ton cou/ Djourou A Rope Around Your Neck (63’, 2005, France)
Mah Damba Cissoko, une griotte en exil (57’, France, 2001)


Far from the villages

Far from the villages (Orig.) / 2008 / France, Switzerland / 77 min

April 2006. 13 000 members of the Dajo ethnic group have taken refuge on the plain of Gouroukoun in eastern Chad...



Like Stone Lions at the Gateway into Night

Comme des lions de pierre à l'entrée de la nuit (Orig.) / 2012 / France, Greece, Switzerland / 87 min

Between 1947 and 1950, more than 80 000 Greek citizens were imprisoned on the isle of Makronisos (Greece) in reeducation camps created to ‘fight the spread of communism’. Among these exiles were a number of writers and poets, including Yannis Ritsos and Tassos Livaditis. Despite the deprivation and torture, these prisoners succeeded in composing poems, which describe their struggle for survival in this world of internment...



Trace of the future according to Olivier Zuchuat

Une trace du futur selon Olivier Zuchuat (Orig.) / 2014 / Switzerland / 3 min

Filmmakers that were selected at Visions du Réel in the past twenty editions celebrate the Festival's anniversary by each making a short movie in which they expose their view of the future.



Unique films at FAMUFEST

Unique films at FAMUFEST

The 33rd edition of FAMUFEST, a competition display of films made by students of Prague’s FAMU, will be held on November 23 to 27 at Prague’s Letná District. Like in the past year, it will take place at Bio Oko, plus at the new venues of Studio Hrdinů and Café Jedna.

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Cosmopolitan DOK Leipzig

Cosmopolitan DOK Leipzig

Each edition of this festival is great; and even if it may seem impossible, even better than the past one.

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20th Jihlava IDFF is worth visiting

20th Jihlava IDFF is worth visiting

From October 25 to 30, the 20th edition of the largest celebration of documentary film in Central and Eastern Europe is held in Jihlava, Czech Republic. Until November 6, the festival continues online at DAFilms.com.

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