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Nicolas Wadimoff



Nicolas Wadimoff was born in 1964 in Geneva and is a Swiss director, documentary filmmaker, producer, rock guitarist.

In 1988 he graduated from UQAM (Université du Québec a Montreal) in communications with a specialization in cinema.

Nicolas made his first documentary in 1990. He worked as a film director at Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) and the French Swiss Broadcasting Service (TSR).

In 1996-2001 he was a producer and director of films at his own company, Caravan Films. In 1997 he made his first fiction feature. In 2003 he founded Akka Films, devoted to the development of fiction films and production of documentaries. Opération Libertad is his fifth feature.

In 2010, he received the Ecumenical Jury prize at the Berlin Film Festival for his film Still Alive in Gaza shot in 2009 in the Gaza strip.


2014 Chasseurs de crimes
2012 Opération Libertad
2010 Aisheen (Still Alive In Gaza)
2005 L'accord
2005 Last Supper
2003 Alinghi – The Inside Story
2002 Kadogo, l'enfant soldat
2000 15, rue des Bains
2000 Mondialito
1998 Nuit et jour la télé…
1997 Clandestins
1996 Cyber-Guerilla
1995 Quand on allait voir Carlos
1994 Silence, on développe
1993 Le temps des clandestins
1992 Les Gants d'Or d'Akka
1991 Le bol
1990 Arménie-Jerusalem
1989 Yehudi Arabi Yemeni
1987 Ouskestekaché
1986 Trachéotomie
1984 Johnny Kichenin, poids moyen


Aisheen (Still Alive In Gaza)

Aisheen (Still Alive In Gaza) (Orig.) / 2010 / France, Qatar, Switzerland / 86 min

“Where's the ghost town?”, asked the little boy to the theme park attendant. “It's there, right there. But it has been bombed… Do you want to see it?” It is with these words that the film begins - an impressionist journey through a devastated Gaza after the war. The ghost town? Gaza is the ghost town…





“My work has two strands: the first one deals with direct political images of violence, aggression and protest, mostly in Israeli-Palestinian context. It’s critique of news media, researching the complex, both realistic and surrealistic aspects of these images. The second strand of videos is more abstract and universal, dealing with cognitive, environmental and existential issues,” says the director about his works.

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- 16.1.2017 -

Charter 77

Charter 77

We commemorate the 40th anniversary of the founding of Charter 77 by presenting documentary profiles of the signatories to this important initiative of anti-communist resistance. Learn more about the context of this historical event by means of an authentic film experience.

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Merry and Cinematic Christmas from DAFilms!

Merry and Cinematic Christmas from DAFilms!

A bonus subscription to DAFilms.com is a present you will never get tired of thanks to its diversity. You can get it for your close ones or just for yourself.

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