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Philipp Hartmann

Germany / Website


Philipp Hartmann was born in 1972 in Karsruhe (Germany) as son of Wolfgang Hartmann (art historian, professor at Universtity of Karsruhe) and Dürten Hartmann (M.A. in German philology).
2004 – 2007 Master in Visual Communication (Film) at Hamburg Fine Arts School (HfbK Hamburg) with the professors Gerd Roscher, Wim Wenders and others; final exam result: "very good"
2000 – 2004 PhD in Economics at University of Cologne and Fundação Getúlio Vargas in Rio de Janeiro; Ph.D. Thesis about environmental policy and water management in Brazil.
1994 – 1999 Master in Latin American Sciences at University of Cologne and Universidade Federal do Ceará in Fortaleza, Brazil; Master thesis about land reform in Brazil
Working as an independent filmmaker since 2000 (also as F. K. Flumen)
Working on second and third feature length film. First feature “Time goes by like a roaring lion” released in German Cinemas “on tour” in 2014. Short films screened and awarded in several international festivals and in TV; projects funded by Filmförderung Hamburg, Kuratorium junger deutscher Film, Documentary Campus and other public and private funding medium and feature-length art-documentaries and artists portraits for, among others, the artists association Künstlerbund Baden-Württemberg e.V., Museum Würth, Künzelsau as well as for different independent artists. Since 2004 programmer of "Karlsruher Kurzfilmnacht" Shortfilm-Screening, “Young Video- and Film Art” in Wilhelmshöhe-Gallery Ettlingen, Odderader Filmtage Film-Festival and other events in Germany, Brazil and Portugal.

Filmography (selection):
Short films
- Denn die Lebenden wissen dass sie sterben werden, die Toten aber wissen nichts! (Fiction 2013, together with Jan Eichberg)
- Von der Notwendigkeit, die Meere zu befahren / About the Necessity to Travel the Seas (exp. documentary 2010)
- Entre despacio y por favor no haga ruido (Fiction 2010)
- Der Anner im Himmel (exp. Docufiction 2009)
- für Meiko (experimental fiction 2008)
- Der Anner und sei Mudder (documentary 2008)
- O Petinguím (filmpoem 2008)
- requiem für Frau H. (requiem for Mrs. H.) (experimental doc. 2007)
- Der Anner wo annerschder (Ze ozzer vun somevere else) (doc. 2007)
- Kastraten und Männer (Man´s Dignity) (experimental 2005)
- 3 x 3 (documentary 2005)
- 9 11 RIO (experimental / video installation 2005)
- blep. (experimental 2004)
- Der zaubert mit den Händen (Doing magic with the hands) – The painter Uwe Lindau at work (art documentary 2003)
- e.ice.t (experimental documentary 2002)
- The Combinazine Arrabbiatica – The artists Uwe Lindau and Axel Heil (art documentary 2001/02)
- Stillstand (experimental documentary 2001)

Medium and feature-length films
- 66 Kinos (66 cinemas; working title). Work in progress.
- Forquilhas / Wünschelr(o)uten / Dowsing Ro(a)ds. Work in progress.
- Die Zeit vergeht wie ein brüllender Löwe / Time goes by like a roaring lion (2013; feature length essayfilm, funded by Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film)
- Blicke in die Verschwörerbude (2011; essay-documentary about the artist Uwe Lindau; screening 2011 in Museum Würth, Künzelsau (Germany)
- At the Sound of the Bell (working title; produced together with Onno Ehlers Filmproduction)
- SZS. Service and Research for Visually Impaired Students (Information film for University Karlsruhe) (2009)
- Stammzelltransplantation in Freiburg (Information film for University Hospital Freiburg) (2007/08)
- Helmut Goettl. Als Künstler im Theater des Lebens (Helmut Goettl. An artist in theater of life) (art documentary for the German artists association Künstlerbund Baden Württemberg e.V. 2007)
- Das Kartell. Künstler zum Anfassen (The Cartel. Artists as your friends) (art documentary for the German artists association Künstlerbund Baden Württemberg e.V. 2007)
- Das Leben ist kein Fußballspiel. Auf der Suche nach dem Abseits (Life is not a football game. The quest for offside / A vida não é um jogo de futebol. À procura do impedimento) (documentary 2006)


Time goes by like a roaring lion

Die Zeit vergeht wie ein brüllender Löwe (Orig.) / 2013 / Germany / 77 min

A filmmaker in the statistical middle of his life suffers from chronophobia. He has to find a way to slow down the passage of time. A personal essayfilm exploring the essence of time.



Visegrad? Where the hell is that?

Visegrad? Where the hell is that?

With this daring motto, playfully ironic visual design and primarily interesting film selection, Visegrad Film Festival presented its programme in Cork, Ireland. How was it, where does it go and why is it actually held in Ireland?

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A Showcase of Asian Documentary Film Jewels? TIDF!

A Showcase of Asian Documentary Film Jewels? TIDF!

The interest in all things Asian is growing faster than capital markets in the global world. That goes for documentary films as well. The contemporary production of Asian documentary filmmakers is regularly presented by Taiwan International Documentary Festival.

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Gulîstan, Land of Roses Wins Prestigious Doc Alliance Selection Award at Locarno IFF

Gulîstan, Land of Roses Wins Prestigious Doc Alliance Selection Award at Locarno IFF

On Sunday, August 7, young director Zaynê Akyol became the 9th winner of the unique Doc Alliance Selection Award that is awarded since 2008 by the international Doc Alliance platform. The Kurdish director based in Canada received the award during an award ceremony at Locarno IFF. Along with the award, the filmmaker also received financial support of 5.000 euro for her future film.

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- 8.8.2016 -

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