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2 nominated documentaries + 1 exclusive interview = 21st Czech Lion Awards at DAFilms.com!

In the second half of February, the Czech film world will put on evening gowns and tuxedos for the 21st time. Czech Lion Awards, the leading local film event, is coming, and it goes online, too! For a whole week, you can watch two nominated documentaries President Wanted and Crooks online and for free; moreover, you can look behind the scenes of the award in an interview with executive director of the Czech Film and Television Academy Tereza Rychnovská. All that from February 17 to 23 at DAFilms.com for free!

During the ceremony, those who usually stand behind the camera step in the limelight; in case of documentary films, this is usually quite a surprise. Documentary filmmakers who try to follow the events and protagonists of their films as patiently as possible are suddenly forced to take up the role of the stars of the evening. However, in case of the two nominated documentaries President Wanted and Crooks, the directors have already got used to this situation in the course of the past year.

Journalist Silvie Dymáková has entered the documentary scene in a rather vigorous way. Her film Crooks has stirred public debate on the legality of product demonstration “field trips” for seniors and the relevant law penalizing these activities has already been passed by the parliament. Similarly, the latter documentary President Wanted has also stirred the Czech political scene. Director Tomáš Kudrna has explored the wild waters of the Czech presidential election. Political PR à la Czech Republic, combined with the populism of the election campaign, (un)confessed alcohol and the omnipresent smell of the pipe, have supplied the viewers with a really explosive mixture.

The very Czech Lion Awards, too, have gone wild this year. The Czech Film and Television Academy has terminated its long-term collaboration with producer Petr Vachler, introducing a face-lifted version of the Lions at a new venue; Prague’s Rudolfinum. How did these changes affect the award procedures? What is the voting of a hundred academics like in practice? The exclusive interview with executive director of the Czech Film and Television Academy Tereza Rychnovská will answer these questions and provide further information on how the Czech Lion was “tamed” again.

The interview and the nominated films President Wanted and Crooks will be available in the week from February 17 to 23 at DAFilms.com for free!

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Šmejdi (Orig.) / 2013 / Czech Republic / 74 min

Silvie Dymáková's raw documentary uncovers the manipulation and pressure that exist behind the closed doors of "product demonstration excursions for seniors" in the Czech Republic.



President Wanted

Hledá se prezident (Orig.) / 2013 / Czech Republic / 104 min

In the year 2013 we experienced an unique moment in our modern history: for the first time ever, Czechs were choosing their president through direct elections.



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