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Isolated Reality: Winner of FID Marseille 2013


The 25th edition of FID Marseille film festival, the French member of the Doc Alliance documentary platform, has been over for more than a week. However, the enchantment with highly creative films, which are honoured each year by the festival’s programme, will not go away any time soon. While celebrating the brand new festival winners, let us not forget the exceptional films that have shined on the screens and winners’ podiums in the past year. Watch the film awarded by the demanding jury of FID Marseille 2013 in the week from July 14 to 20 for free - FROM GULF TO GULF TO GULF!

In the long term, the programme of the international competition at FID Marseille can be seen as a result of the continuous passion for seeking exceptional creative films. It is this passion that makes the international competition at the Côte d’Azur into a strong cinematic experience, confronting the audiences with demanding artworks they will hardly see at other film screens after the end of the festival. The 2013 edition, whose international competition was chaired by world-famous Finnish video artist Eija-Liisa Ahtila, has lived up to the expectations of audiences and film critics, introducing over a dozen international films; out of these, one award winner is available at DAFilms.com for a whole week for free.

FROM GULF TO GULF TO GULF is a film by the collaborative studio CAMP comprising Indian director Shaina Anand and Japanese-born Indian artist Ashok Sukumaran. The collage of images documenting the journey of sailors from the Arabian Sea to the Persian Gulf and back is a visually impressive mosaic of diverse genres, comprised of film images made by the very sailors as well as by the filmmakers. The peculiar reality of life on the sea lined by the endless horizon is set in the context of the question of the way reality is created by means of film. Introduced in world premiere at the festival, the film was awarded the Special Mention.

Watch the film that was in the limelight of FID Marseille in 2013. Watch another film from international competition MAMBO COOL. Meet the world of contemporary creative documentary at DAFilms.com from July 14 to 20 for free!

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Mambo Cool

Mambo Cool (Orig.) / 2013 / United States / 62 min

White powder, dealers and poseur women in a shady city you hardly get a glimpse of. Not to forget a man who introduces himself as a warrior talking to spirits. All the ingredients are set, the deceit is disclosed right from the start.



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