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The living legend: A retrospective of Jørgen Leth


In the 1960s, he became a leading personality of Danish poetic modernism and experimental film. In his films, he creates film images similarly to a painter. At the beginning, he directs both the characters and the camera; during shooting, he stops “painting” the scenes and becomes an observer of the depicted events - the living legend Jørgen Leth celebrates 75 years this year. This is a great occasion to look back through all his internationally acclaimed films!

His film 66 Scenes from America reminds of a series of film postcards. One of them includes a scene of a hamburger being eaten in four minutes by Andy Warhol. This peculiar scene captures the emptiness of pop culture, the realistic tempo as well as the naively cynical gesture of Andy Warhol. It is the very ability to capture the uniqueness of space, time and personality by means of static composition that has brought Leth recognition. On the other hand, by taking characters out of their characteristic environment in Good and Evil, he has created a series of sketches accompanied by clichés (“good thoughts” / “bad thoughts” or “necessary actions” / “unnecessary actions”). Combining ballet scenes and images from the Trobriand Islands, his film Notes on Love captures love in its shades of restlessness and indecision.

We offer a rigorously selected retrospective of this Danish director most known for example for The Five Obstructions or his last film Erotic Man, start with an introduction to Jorgen Leth's work in the documentary Seduced Human by Truls Lie. Stream FOR FREE from November 13 to 25.

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The Perfect Human

The Perfect Human (Orig.) / 1967 / Denmark / 13 min

A 1967 short film by Jørgen Leth lasting 12 minutes. It depicts a man and a woman, both labelled 'the perfect human' in a detached manner, "functioning" in a white boundless room, as though they were subjects in a zoo...



Haiti. Untitled

Haiti. Untitled (Orig.) / 1996 / Denmark / 78 min

Writer and cineast Jørgen Leth is the fascinated observer of a country where reality often seems surreal and resembles fiction...



Notes on Love

Notes on Love (Orig.) / 1989 / Denmark / 87 min

Jørgen Leth made Notater om kærligheden during a crisis in his life and it is a sombre, perhaps very personal film....



Moments of Play

Moments of Play (Orig.) / 1986 / Denmark / 82 min

A personal essay about how children and adults play...



A Sunday in Hell

A Sunday in Hell (Orig.) / 1977 / Denmark / 111 min

Director and poet Jørgen Leth is amongst other things obsessed with bicycle racing as a ritual expression of human victory and defeat, and from this obsession he made the unique »A Sunday in Hell«...



Good and Evil

Good and Evil (Orig.) / 1975 / Denmark / 81 min

An extension of The Perfect Human, Good and Evil is a longer, more expansive pseudo-documentary portrayal of life, no less...



The Seduced Human

The Seduced Human (Orig.) / 2012 / Norway / 70 min

What is the meaning of a whole life lived as an observer?


66 _scenes_From_America_1

66 Scenes From America

66 Scenes From America (Orig.) / 1982 / Denmark / 39 min

As a visual narrative 66 scener fra America is reminiscent of a pile of postcards from a journey, which indeed is what the film is...



Addicted to Films by Peter Mettler

Addicted to Films by Peter Mettler

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The Czech and the Slovak premiere of Sacro GRA will be enriched by photos of highways taken by the audience

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Every Age Has Its Own Heroes. An interview with Andrey Gryazev

Every Age Has Its Own Heroes. An interview with Andrey Gryazev

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