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The following list contains films having similar group of tags. At least two common tags are required for the film to be considered related. Most closely tagged films come first.

The work of machines

DIR: Gilles Lepore, Maciej Madracki, Michal Madracki

2009 / Poland, Switzerland / 38 min


People by the Railway Track0

People by the Railway Track

DIR: Arnold Kojnok

2006 / Slovakia / 30 min


Permanent Residence Prague0

Permanent Residence Prague

DIR: Ivo Bystřičan

2008 / Czech Republic / 27 min


booth of fortune_1

The Booth of Fortune

DIR: Lesław Dobrucki

2008 / Poland / 15 min


kruh portret demonstrace 01

The Circle: A portrait of a demonstration

DIR: Tereza Reichová

2009 / Czech Republic / 62 min


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