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DIR: Mario Schneider
2003 / Germany / 70 min


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The film tells the story of three friends and their long years of drug addiction in a small village in the Mansfelder region of East Germany. It tells of Helbra as it was “back then”, and as it is today. It tells of its inhabitants, who miss something which has disappeared: the centuries-old mining industry. It tells of an everyday ride, a ride that “takes hold” of you and “fades out everything around you”; a ride to Halle, to the railway station and to the heroin, “where everything leaves you”.


Director Mario Schneider
Screenplay Mario Schneider
Dir. of Photography Marcel Reategui, Mario Schneider
Editing Mario Schneider, Marie Mäbert
Music Thomas Kürstner, Sebastian Vogel, Mario Schneider
Sound Christian Steinberg
Duration 70 min
Year 2003
Country Germany
Colour Colour
Tags drugs, rural society, social issues
Production 42film GmbH
42film GmbH
Address:  Geiststraße 49
City:  06108 Halle
Country:  Germany
Web:  www.42film.de/
Phone:  +49 345 478 18 48
Fax:  +49 345 478 18 49

  1. DOK Leipzig, German Competition
  1. DOK Leipzig, German Competition

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Director's Intention

I grew up and lived in Helbra until 1991. In summer 2002, I got to know of Michael’s addiction to heroin. After a journey on which I had thorough talks with him, and other drug addicts, I became aware of the extent of the heroin problem in my home village. I had to realise that drug addiction was not only a problem in the cities, but can be found as well in the smallest village, where it is often even harder to overcome drug habits. In a village where everyone knows each other, things will be kept secret and suppressed. The documentary shows how sensible the family is, the inner cell of our society. Most addicts do still live with their parents and stay there even after their addiction becomes known. Mostly, the fallout on the family is touching everyone’s psychical and physical limits.

Mario Schneider




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