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DIR: François Bovy
2005 / Switzerland / 70 min

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Set in Columbia, the film tells the stories of Dario, the taxi driver, of Jorge, who unloads trucks, of Edwin, the policeman and Luis Carlo, who looks after the injured and brings the dead into the morgue. One of them was a preacher and hit-man in his past and tells us how much a person’s life is worth. The other one reveals how the prayers of his mother consoled him when his father was murdered. And the third one explains why it is not a sin to shoot someone in the head. Over the top and tragic maybe, but as two recurring musicians sing, these stories are a reminder that it is wise to “live for each moment, because life is but a dream”.


Director François Bovy
Dir. of Photography François Bovy
Editing Damián Alejandro Plandolit, Stéphanie Perrin
Music Darío González Betancur, José Guillermo Patiño Herrera
Sound Etienne Curchod
Duration 70 min
Year 2005
Country Switzerland
Colour Colour
Tags crime, society, work
Production Les Films de la Dernière Heure
Les Films de la Dernière Heure
Address:  1, ch. de Villard
City:  CH-1007 Lausanne
Phone:  +41 78 605 69 81


Hot Docs, Toronto, Canada ...

Hot Docs, Toronto, Canada. International competitive programs
Mostra, São Paulo, Brésil.
RIDM, Montréal, Canada.
Festival international Cinemateca Montevideo, Uruguay.
Shadow festival Amsterdam.
Amakula international Festival, Kampala, Uganda.
South festival, Sedrot Israel.
Eurodoc, Oslo, Norway.


Nominated European Film Academy ...

Nominated European Film Academy, prix Arte.

Visions du réel, Nyon, Switzerland. PRIZE TSR « cinéma suisse ». PRIZE « regard sur le crime ».
Punto de Vista Pampelona. First prize for the best film. Prize for the Best director.
Filmaker, Milano. 2nd PRIZE.


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