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Katka  //  Katka (Orig.)

DIR: Helena Třeštíková
2009 / Czech Republic / 90 min


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“You bet on someone in the beginning of the process and then you wait and see what life does with them.” This is how Czech director Helena Trestikova explains her long-term documentaries. Following on from the European Film Academy Award winning RENE (2008), Trestikova brings us KATKA – 14 years in the life of a drug addict. KATKA is an extraordinarily raw and uncensored character portrait of a troubled young woman living on the edge of human existence, desperately searching for love and salvation. Will she find it in the rehab? Will she find it in the arms of the man she loves? Or in the first cry of her long-desired baby? Tagging along with her through the back streets and squalors of Prague, Trestikova gets deep under the skin of a person most of us would cross the road to avoid, and shows us Katka’s profoundly human face. You might be angry with Katka, or your heart may go out to her. One thing is certain – you will never forget her.


Director Helena Třeštíková
Screenplay Helena Třeštíková
Dir. of Photography Vlastimil Hamerník, Kristián Hynek, Martin Kubala, Ferdinand Mazurek, Braňo Pažitka, Miroslav Souček, Tomáš Třeštík
Editing Jakub Hejna
Music Tadeáš Věrčák
Sound Václav Hejduk, Stanislav Hruška, Jaroslav Jedlička
Duration 90 min
Year 2009
Country Czech Republic
Colour Colour
Tags long-term observation, portrait, society
Production Česká televize, Negativ, s.r.o.
Česká televize
Address:  Kavčí hory
City:  140 70 Praha 4
Country:  Czech Republic
Web:  www.ceskatelevize.cz
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Phone:  261137106
Fax:  261216628

Negativ, s.r.o.
Address:  Ostrovní 30
City:  110 00 Praha
Country:  Czech Republic
Web:  www.negativ.cz/cz/
Phone:  (+420) 224933755

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City:  110 00 Praha 1
Country:  Czech Republic
Web:  www.aerofilms.cz
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City:  E1 7TF London
Country:  United Kingdom
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IDFA 2010, The Netherlands ...

IDFA 2010, The Netherlands

MoMa - Museum of Modern Art, Documentary fortnight 2011, New York, USA

DocPoint Helsinki 2011, Finland

DocTape Award - RIDM 2010, Canada

MFF Karlovy Vary 2010

IFF Pusan 2010, South Korea

Goteborg Film Festival 2011, Sweden

Haifa 2011, Israel

One world 2011, Czech Republic

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, 2011, USA

13th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2011, Greece

33rd Moscow International Film Festival 2011, Russia

Docudays UA 2012, Ukraine


Editing Award - RIDM 2010 ...

Editing Award - RIDM 2010, Canada

Best Documentary 2010 - Czech Film Critics Awards, Czech Republic

Anasy Documentary Awards 2010, United Arab Emirates

Czech Lion Award for Best Documentary Film - Czech Film Critics Award, Czech Republic 2011

Honourable Mention - 11th goEAST Film Festival, 2011, Germany

Association of Czech Film Clubs (ACFK) Annual Award for Best Documentary Film - Finále Plzeň - Festival of Czech Films 2011, Czech Republic

Onion Award for the Best Film in the International Competition - MakeDox 2011, Macedonia




“My work has two strands: the first one deals with direct political images of violence, aggression and protest, mostly in Israeli-Palestinian context. It’s critique of news media, researching the complex, both realistic and surrealistic aspects of these images. The second strand of videos is more abstract and universal, dealing with cognitive, environmental and existential issues,” says the director about his works.

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