The Town of Badante Women

The Town of Badante Women

The Town of Badante Women

The Town of Badante Women

2009 / Bulgaria / 70min

Varshets, a small old-fashioned SPA town in Bulgaria, has a high unemployment rate. The top breadwinning job in Varshets is not in town. It’s not even in the country! It’s the Italian profession “badante” which is attracting Varshets women in their hundreds. “You make 500 Euro a month, you eat and sleep with the person you are looking after, and you have nothing to spend your money on – you are able to save!”.

In its history, the town has never seen female emigration on such massive scale. Various rumors abound as to what attracts the women to Italy. Some believe they are involved in amorous relationships with foreigners, others suspect the money is made in the Italian sex industry…

Indeed, living and working abroad has changed many women’s relationships with their families and loved ones. During the summer, they spend short periods of time with their husbands and children upon which they return to their new Italian homes. Some have divorced their husbands, while others keep parallel lives. Whatever the case, almost all of the women keep supporting their families.

The men of Varshets take care of the children and the household. And spend the rest of their time in the pubs. Once a month they receive a money transfer from Italy. Some of them are frustrated with this situation, others are not. They keep up their male image by drinking alcohol, building airplanes in the backyard, playing in the local brass band and starting new relationships…



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    The Town of Badante Women
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    70 min
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    • Bulgaria
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