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window / three movements  //  fenster / drei sätze (Orig.)

DIR: Martin Bruch
2006 / Austria / 12 min


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Experimental short film in three parts:
1. The dancing crane
2. My window to the courtyard
3. The parapet

Other people lean out the window and look into the yard below. I sit by the window and look over the parapet ...
Location: Kitchen window with a view over Scheupark in Vienna’s fifth district, the courtyard at Margaretenstrasse 108.
The short film comprises 7007 photos and a film sequence. The photos were taken over a two-year period (2004-2006).
The view out the window: in the foreground, the changing objects that document the passage of time and changing of years, the empty construction site along the row of houses on the street across the way to Schönbrunnerstrasse, the moving crane, the house that is being built, the birds, clouds, weather, the atmosphere created by the light, in combination with the noises from inside and outside the room, with an open or closed window depending on the season.
The film tells of the desire to get up, bend over the ledge or roll out onto an imaginary balcony to watch what is going on in the courtyard.
For ten years I occupied this fourth story apartment on Margaretenstraße, carefully planned and equipped for a wheelchair, but was seldom home.
I did not think much about the amazing view over/in the yard until my retirement, which coincided with the completion of the film “handbikemovie,” which changed my everyday life.
Now I enjoy the view everyday.
The changing weather conditions, the screeching, laughing, playing children, the strict voices of the those minding the children, soccer balls banging against the steel lattice fence, the park, audible but for me, in the meantime in a wheelchair, impossible to look at. The view is restricted by the parapet. (Martin Bruch)


Director Martin Bruch
Screenplay Martin Bruch
Dir. of Photography Martin Bruch
Duration 12 min
Year 2006
Country Austria
Colour Colour
Tags filmic diary, observational, private

2006 Viennale - Vienna Int ...

2006 Viennale - Vienna Int. Film Festival
2007 Graz - Diagonale, Festival des österreichischen Films
2007 Split - Festival of New Film and Video





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