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DIR: Lotte Schreiber
2005 / Austria, Italy / 12 min


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As Robert Smithson said, if you trigger specific associations from a site, if you deal directly with its visual appearance, with that which Roland Barthes calls the "simulacrum of the object," then the goal is to understanda new type of structure as a whole, which generates new meanings.

"Domino" describes a construction system of reinforced concrete developed by Le Corbusier in 1914. This form of construction revolutionized modern architecture, freeing the walls of their carrier function and thereby opening up entirely new possibilities for design.For this project, the media artist Lotte Schreiber undertook a journey in winter through Greece to film anonymous architectures; the commonly found concrete skeletons. These incomplete spatial fragments, conceived as residences or hotel complexes, inscribe themselves into the Mediterranean surroundings as foreign geometric bodies and are found in barren mountain and coastal landscapes. Schreiber uses these "primary structures” as a framework and geographical reference system for the surrounding landscape by means of strictly framed black-and-white photographs. While the concrete cubes are systematically scanned on Super8 film, Schreiber uses a digital video camera to document the car journeys around Peloponnesus and on the island of Crete. In the metric montage, she allows the filmic material to meet and constructs an exact temporal structure. Whereas the original sound is audible in the staccato-cut video sequences, the film recordings are set to electronic sounds by Stefan Németh. This unusual "road movie” is the third part of a series of attempts by Lotte Schreiber to create "cinematic cartographies.” (Norbert Pfaffenbichler)


Director Lotte Schreiber
Dir. of Photography
Duration 12 min
Year 2005
Country Austria, Italy
Colour Colour
Tags architecture, lyric, observational, poetic

2005 Firenze - Beyond Media ...

2005 Firenze - Beyond Media/ iMAGE, Architektur-Filmfestival

2005 Graz - Diagonale, Festival des österreichischen Films

2005 Graz - film+arc.

2005 Jihlava Documentary Film Festival

2005 La Rochelle Int. Filmfestival

2006 Osnabrück - European Media Art Festival



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