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The Louvre City  //  La Ville Louvre (Orig.)

DIR: Nicolas Philibert
1990 / France / 85 min


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What does the Louvre look like without the public? For the first time, a great museum lets a film crew get behind the scenes: the staff are hanging paintings, reorganizing rooms, moving works around, the guards are trying on their new uniforms... Little by little, characters appear, more and more of them, crossing paths and slowly weaving the threads of a narrative.Miles of underground passages... A sequence of scenes that let us in on the secrets of a museum... Stacks and reserves containing thousands of paintings, sculptures and objects... Places off limits to the public... A film blending the humdrum and the outstanding, the prosaic and the sublime, the comical and the dreamlike... The discovery of a city within a city... When the life of a major institution attains the realms of fiction.


Director Nicolas Philibert
Dir. of Photography Richard Copans, Frédéric Labourasse, Eric Pittard, Eric Millot, Daniel Barrau
Editing Marie Quinton
Sound Jean Umansky
Duration 85 min
Year 1990
Country France
Colour Colour
Tags institution, observational, visual arts, work
Production Les Films d`Ici
Les Films d`Ici
Address:  62 bld Davout
City:  75020 Paris
Country:  France
Web:  www.lesfilmsdici.fr
Phone:  +33 1 44 52 23 23
Fax:  +33 1 44 52 23 24

Distribution Les Films du Losange
Les Films du Losange
Country:  France


1990 Cinéma Du Réel ...

1990 Cinéma Du Réel, Paris


1990 Europa Prize, « Best ...

1990 Europa Prize, « Best Documentary Of The Year

1990 Intermédia Prize


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