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I am in Space

DIR: Dana Ranga
2012 / Germany / 98 min


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Story (FID 2003) and Cosmonaut Polyakov (FID 2007) were the first two parts of a trilogy concluded by this new film. Whereas we were to meet unusual characters in the previous titles, we are now invited to explore the collective dimension of this epic tale. We are suddenly sent into space with gentle rocking images from the many flights carried out by international spaceship crews over the past thirty years. The film also features the daily chore routine and comical sketches, such as the one starring a waggish astronaut doing acrobatics with an airborne water bubble. What is living in space like? Many answers – written in white colour over black title cards – are sprinkled throughout the film in addition to the somewhat silent archive images. They are the results of many hours of interviews unveiling wonders, doubts and fears. The other side of heroism is gradually revealed beneath anonymous, voiceless words that establish the adventure’s collective dimension. Ambivalent feelings take shape, for ‘once you go to space, you never know if you will be back’, as one of the title cards reminds us. (FIDMarseille)


Director Dana Ranga
Dir. of Photography Jean-Francois Clervoy, astronautes et cosmonautes du monde entier
Editing Dana Ranga
Duration 98 min
Year 2012
Country Germany
Colour Colour
Tags compilation, cosmos, observational
Distribution Good Idea Films
Good Idea Films
City:  Berlin
Country:  Germany


FID Marseille, 2012
Jihlava ...

FID Marseille, 2012
Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, 2012
IDFA, Amsterdam, 2012
It's All True, Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro, 2013
WorldFest Houston, 2013
Docville, Leuven, 2013
Planete + Doc, Warsaw, 2013


Silver Remi Award, WorldFest ...

Silver Remi Award, WorldFest Houston, USA, 2013
Focus Award, Planete + Doc, Warsaw, Poland, 2013




“My work has two strands: the first one deals with direct political images of violence, aggression and protest, mostly in Israeli-Palestinian context. It’s critique of news media, researching the complex, both realistic and surrealistic aspects of these images. The second strand of videos is more abstract and universal, dealing with cognitive, environmental and existential issues,” says the director about his works.

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Charter 77

Charter 77

We commemorate the 40th anniversary of the founding of Charter 77 by presenting documentary profiles of the signatories to this important initiative of anti-communist resistance. Learn more about the context of this historical event by means of an authentic film experience.

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Merry and Cinematic Christmas from DAFilms!

Merry and Cinematic Christmas from DAFilms!

A bonus subscription to DAFilms.com is a present you will never get tired of thanks to its diversity. You can get it for your close ones or just for yourself.

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