No Fragrance

No Fragrance

No Fragrance

2014 / Slovakia / 10min

“I had a number of motifs. Yet the one that won was about the sense of futility related to unemployment. I was guided by the fact that a simple man is virtually of interest to no one. He is part of a mass. I chose in the mass an inconspicuous simple woman. She was made redundant after having worked thirty years in a factory. I was trying to observe what she was possibly thinking during her last day on the job. Is she afraid of the future? Does she feel burnt out? Does she think of herself as being thrown out like a useless item? Is she afraid of the void that came about? Will all that she was doing and what was useful before, not missed by anyone? I was interested in whether, at that moment, she might paradoxically sense some freedom.”

What is “Slovakia”? How to explain the notion of “Slovakia” of the past 20 years to an unknown stranger, a visitor from another planet? What is the genetic makeup or the software for “Slovakia”? How to use it? How does it change?

Slovakia 2.0 is a film about twenty years of independent Slovakia as seen from the perspective of ten film directors. It is composed of ten 10-minute films of different genres ranging from drama, through animation and documentaries, to experimental film. The ten recognised film directors who offer an answer to what is Slovakia include a wide range of generations, views and genres, namely Juraj Herz, Martin Šulík, Peter Kerekes, Zuzana Liová, Mišo Suchý, Ondrej Rudavský, Iveta Grófová, Peter Krištúfek, Viera Čákanyová, and Miro Jelok.

The result is unique artistic reflection of contemporary history of Slovakia and, equally, a reflection of Slovak cinematography in its different forms.

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  • Original title
    Bez vône
  • Direction
  • Screenplay
    Zuzana Liová
  • Dir. of Photo.
    Jan Baset Střítežský
  • Editing
    Alexandra Gojdičová
  • Music
    Miroslav Tóth
  • Sound
    Tobiáš Potočný
  • Duration
    10 min
  • Year
  • Country
    • Slovakia
  • Colour
  • Audio Tracks
  • Subtitles
  • Production
    Horná 5
    83152 Bratislava
    tel: (00421) 904 674 408
  • Distribution
    Panta Rhei
    Ružová dolina 10
    82109 Bratislava
    tel: (00421) 2 3217 4222
    Bjornsonova 4
    81105 Bratislava
  • Festivals
  • Awards


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