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Viva Maria!

DIR: Agnieszka Smoczyńska
2010 / Poland / 17 min

More Added on 6.8.2012



DIR: Maria Augusta Ramos
2007 / Brazil / 90 min

More Added on 31.7.2012


Because we were born

DIR: Jean-Pierre Duret, Andréa Santana
2008 / Brazil, France / 90 min

More Added on 31.7.2012


The House in the Park

DIR: Hercli Bundi
2010 / Switzerland / 86 min

More Added on 30.7.2012


Míťa alone in the World

DIR: Pavel Lukáš
2011 / Czech Republic / 4 min

More Added on 30.7.2012


House in Order

DIR: Hedvika Hlaváčková
2011 / Czech Republic

More Added on 29.7.2012


Fingers in Honey

DIR: Petra Nesvačilová
2011 / Czech Republic / 10 min

More Added on 29.7.2012


Kaiser Kanner Conductor

DIR: Viktor Portel
2011 / Czech Republic / 13 min

More Added on 29.7.2012


Egon Bondy's Last Lecture

DIR: Jan Foukal
2009 / Czech Republic / 30 min

More Added on 29.7.2012


The Making Of

DIR: Jan Foukal
2011 / Czech Republic / 26 min

More Added on 29.7.2012


The End of Czechoslovakia in Parliament

DIR: Pavel Koutecký
1993 / Czech Republic / 75 min

More Added on 17.7.2012


Lost Land

DIR: Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd
Belgium / 75 min

More Added on 15.7.2012

Vítejte v KLDR 00

Welcome to North Korea!

DIR: Linda Kallistová Jablonská
2008 / Czech Republic / 76 min

More Added on 9.7.2012



DIR: Andrea Slováková
2007 / Czech Republic / 18 min

More Added on 8.7.2012


Girls only

DIR: Elke Hauck
2001 / Germany / 66 min

More Added on 5.7.2012


Documentary Tips of 2014

Documentary Tips of 2014

The year 2014 will soon be over so now is the right time to evaluate the most interesting film events and documentaries we have brought you this year. Each member of the DAFilms.com team has a documentary tip for you! Will they inspire you?

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- 22.12.2014 -

Give a film as a Christmas gift!

Give a film as a Christmas gift!

Do your Christmas shopping online and without standing in lines. Give a present the quality and appeal of which do not change in the course of time. Give your close ones our film from more than 1000-item catalogue!

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- 15.12.2014 -

Celebration of Everydayness

Celebration of Everydayness

A poet, a landscapist, a portraitis. A demiurge of rituals and celebrations. What are other roles of director Sergei Loznitsa in which he is represented in his first online retrospective? Read more in a new review of Loznitsa´s works by the portal Dok.revue!

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- 8.12.2014 -

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