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City of Signs

DIR: Samuel Alarcón
2009 / Spain / 62 min

More Added on 28.9.2010

The Tube 00

The Tube

DIR: Peter Entell
2001 / Belgium, Switzerland / 60 min

More Added on 28.9.2010

Nazis and Blondes 00

Nazis and Blondes

DIR: Arbo Tammiksaar
2008 / Estonia / 84 min

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DIR: Huang Weikai
2009 / China / 59 min

More Added on 19.9.2010


Across the Border

DIR: Jan Gogola, ml., Peter Kerekes, Róbert Lakatos, Biljana Čakić-Veselić, Paweł Łoziński
2004 / Austria / 131 min

More Added on 13.9.2010

Operation Spring 00

Operation Spring

DIR: Angelika Schuster, Tristan Sindelgruber
2005 / Austria / 94 min

More Added on 13.9.2010

shakethedeviloff_main picture

Shake the Devil Off

DIR: Peter Entell
2007 / Switzerland / 99 min

More Added on 6.9.2010

Zorki 00

Zorki - Hiding Mom's Secret

DIR: Zohar Wagner
2006 / Israel / 54 min

More Added on 16.8.2010


Josh's Trees

DIR: Peter Entell
2005 / Switzerland / 76 min

More Added on 16.8.2010

Melodias 00


DIR: François Bovy
2005 / Switzerland / 70 min

More Added on 9.8.2010

Sanya and Sparrow 01

Sanya and Sparrow

DIR: Andrey Gryazev
2009 / Russia / 61 min

More Added on 9.8.2010


Cold Waves

DIR: Alexandru Solomon
2007 / Romania / 155 min

More Added on 19.7.2010

prolomit kruh

Breaking the Circle EN

DIR: Linda Kallistová Jablonská
2009 / Czech Republic / 17 min

More Added on 22.6.2010


It Should Have Been Nice After That

DIR: Karin Jurschick
2000 / Germany / 73 min

More Added on 14.6.2010



DIR: Lukáš Kokeš
2009 / Czech Republic / 25 min

More Added on 4.6.2010


Get Ready for the Fall Festival Harvest!

Get Ready for the Fall Festival Harvest!

Slowly but surely, the fall festival season announces its awaited arrival! See what documentary surprises the three Doc Alliance festivals that will open their imaginary film gates in October have in store for you! Get a taste of the festival programmes of Doclisboa, Jihlava IDFF and DOK Leipzig.

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- 18.8.2014 -

Film Is What Stays

Film Is What Stays

The documentary year 2014 has entered its second half and everybody is expectant about the films to be discovered by the fall festival season. The richer the first half of the year in terms of new film titles, the more it has struck the documentary history, which has paid its last respects to several respected and talented filmmakers.

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- 11.8.2014 -

Sarajevo film heart will beat again marking the festival’s 20th anniversary!

Sarajevo film heart will beat again marking the festival’s 20th anniversary!

Balkan documentary filmmaking, and especially the short documentary film format, is now at its prime. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Sarajevo Film Festival, DAFilms.com has prepared a special selection of 11 regional short films and talked to Rada Šešić, the head of its documentary film competition, about the local documentary film tradition and the festival’s remarkable jubilee.

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- 4.8.2014 -

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