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Above The Heart

DIR: Gaëlle Komar
2012 / Belgium / 79 min



All for the Good of the World and Nošovice

DIR: Vít Klusák
2010 / Czech Republic / 82 min



Around the World with Joseph Stiglitz

DIR: Jacques Sarasin
France / 87 min



California Company Town

DIR: Lee Anne Schmitt
2008 / United States / 76 min




DIR: András Szirtes
1973 / Hungary / 21 min



God's Stone Quarry (One Year In North Bohemia)

DIR: Břetislav Rychlík
2005 / Czech Republic / 88 min



Industrial Elegy

DIR: Daniela Gébová
2006 / Czech Republic / 70 min




DIR: Tereza Freyová
2013 / Czech Republic / 11 min



Joyful Work

DIR: Jiří Lehovec
1946 / Czech Republic / 12 min



Katanga Business

DIR: Thierry Michel
2009 / Belgium / 120 min



Konev Smeltery

DIR: Jan Šípek
2006 / Czech Republic / 18 min



La Sortie

DIR: Siegfried A. Fruhauf
1998 / Austria / 6 min



Men Standing

DIR: Jérémy Gravayat
2010 / France / 77 min



The work of machines

DIR: Gilles Lepore, Michal Madracki, Maciej Madracki
2009 / Poland, Switzerland / 38 min



Toward Nowa Huta

DIR: Dariusz Kowalski
2012 / Poland / 77 min



Iraqi film Homeland winning the Doc Alliance Selection Award 2015

Iraqi film Homeland winning the Doc Alliance Selection Award 2015

Homeland (Iraq Year Zero) by Abbas Fahdel has won the Doc Alliance Selection Award. The winning film is composed of two parts – the first was shot before the US army’s invasion of Iraq while the second part captures the post-war events – providing an essential report on the turning point in the country’s development. Instead of shorthand news features on the events in Iraq, it brings an impressive portrayal of life in the country. Director Fahdel received the award at the Locarno film festival.

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- 10.8.2015 -

Explore the fascinating world of experimental film!

Explore the fascinating world of experimental film!

Teams organising autumn film festivals keep busy even in the summer months, diligently working on their programme to produce an ever richer and more attractive film offer. This is also the case of Jihlava IDFF which is presenting its first edition of the Fascinations conference dedicated to the distribution and promotion of experimental films.

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- 3.8.2015 -

A Look Inside DAFilms: Part 4

A Look Inside DAFilms: Part 4

Despite the holiday season, we keep bringing you new documentaries that can travel with you anywhere you go. Each week, acquisitions manager Diana Tabakov selects them carefully for you, searching for them on the websites of festival catalogues and in dark video libraries. Learn more about her job!

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- 27.7.2015 -

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