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Night Labor

DIR: David Redmon, Ashley Sabin
2013 / United States / 62 min

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Parallel Space: Inter-View

DIR: Peter Tscherkassky
1992 / Austria / 18 min

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Open 24 Hours / Spanish version

DIR: Xavi Camprecios
2009 / China, Spain / 29 min

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The bad field

DIR: Bernhard Sallmann
2011 / Germany / 64 min

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Kings Of The Sky

DIR: Deborah Stratman
2004 / United States / 68 min

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Haiku - Stephan Sachs

DIR: Stephan Sachs

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Robot World – A meeting with your alternate double

DIR: Martin Hans Schmitt
2010 / Germany / 60 min

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DIR: Peter Tscherkassky
1985 / Austria / 3 min

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Georgi and the Butterflies

DIR: Andrey Paounov
2004 / Bulgaria / 60 min

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Haiku - Samantha Granger

DIR: Samantha Granger

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DIR: Simone Bitton
2004 / France, Israel / 98 min

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ITSEMBATSEMBA, Rwanda one Genocide Later

DIR: Eyal Sivan
1997 / France / 13 min

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Grimsel – Ein Augenschein

DIR: Peter Liechti
1990 / Switzerland / 48 min

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DIR: Filip Antoni Malinowski
2012 / Austria, Poland, Switzerland / 72 min

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Standing on the Edge of the World

DIR: Sylvain L'Espérance
2012 / Canada / 105 min

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June Tickets to Your Online Cinema

June Tickets to Your Online Cinema

You don’t feel like spending the summer days shut in screening halls? You won’t make it to the late night screenings of crowded open-air cinemas? We have a solution for you! Visit the online cinema DAFilms.com and choose when and where you will watch your favourite films. What films and themes can you look forward to in June?

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- 25.5.2015 -

Jorge Mourinha: On Eye Opening

Jorge Mourinha: On Eye Opening

The names of the possible future winners of the 8th edition of the Doc Alliance Selection Award are already circulating across festivals and media. The luckiest of the nominated directors will receive the award on August 8, 2015 in Locarno. However, the important decision about the award winner is not brought by luck but rather by the jury comprised of seven leading European film critics. We are introducing the first one of them, Portuguese representative of Público Daily Jorge Mourinha!

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- 18.5.2015 -

A Look Inside DAFilms: Part 3

A Look Inside DAFilms: Part 3

We have not forgotten our promise! We are bringing you a third interview from behind the scenes of our team. Who is hiding behind the mysterious address info@dafilms.com, takes care of the smooth running of the website and, besides user support, also lovingly supports the whole team? We are introducing Production Manager Jana Ptáčková!

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- 11.5.2015 -

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