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Haiku - Theo Stich

DIR: Theo Stich

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Monastery 01

The Monastery: Mr. Vig and the Nun

DIR: Pernille Rose Grønkjær
2006 / Denmark / 84 min

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DIR: Namik Kabil
2008 / Bosnia and Herzegovina / 22 min

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About Dogs And People

DIR: Mišo Suchý
1993 / Slovakia, United States / 43 min

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Hula and Natan

DIR: Robby Elmaliah
2010 / Israel / 54 min

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My Family in 17 Takes

DIR: Claudie Lévesque
2011 / Canada / 27 min

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BURUNDI, Under Terror

DIR: Eyal Sivan
1996 / France / 13 min

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Trace of the future according to Lionel Baier

DIR: Lionel Baier
2014 / Russia, Switzerland / 3 min

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From Hetty to Nancy

DIR: Deborah Stratman
1997 / United States / 44 min

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DIR: Audrius Stonys
2004 / Lithuania / 45 min

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Trace of the future according to Jorge Caballero

DIR: Jorge Caballero
2014 / Colombia / 2 min

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Haiku - Sylvain L'Espérance + René Roberge

DIR: Sylvain L'Espérance, René Roberge

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The Forgiveness

DIR: Ventura Durall
2009 / Spain / 65 min

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Ask Your Shadow

DIR: Lamine Ammar Khodja
2012 / Algeria / 82 min

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Mica and the Stories around Her

DIR: Nikodijević Milan
2010 / Serbia / 36 min

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A Look Inside DAFilms: Part 4

A Look Inside DAFilms: Part 4

Despite the holiday season, we keep bringing you new documentaries that can travel with you anywhere you go. Each week, acquisitions manager Diana Tabakov selects them carefully for you, searching for them on the websites of festival catalogues and in dark video libraries. Learn more about her job!

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- 27.7.2015 -

Mallory Won – Both at Karlovy Vary IFF and in Life

Mallory Won – Both at Karlovy Vary IFF and in Life

Mallory, the latest film by Helena Třeštíková, received the Grand Prix for the best documentary film at the 50th anniversary edition of Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. The long-term observational film follows the indomitable protagonist on her arduous journey to a dignified life.

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- 20.7.2015 -

Student Film Summer

Student Film Summer

Summer definitely belongs to students and great expeditions. The online summer at DAFilms.com belongs to a great expedition to unique student films from around the world. Travel with us across Europe as well as outside it! Where exactly? Find out in our programme!

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- 13.7.2015 -

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