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Vetrelci a volavky 01

Aliens and Herons

DIR: Rozálie Kohoutová
2008 / Czech Republic / 26 min

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Haiku - Theo Stich

DIR: Theo Stich

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About Dogs And People

DIR: Mišo Suchý
1993 / Slovakia, United States / 43 min

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Mater Noster

DIR: Marika Pecháčková
2012 / Czech Republic / 47 min

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Hula and Natan

DIR: Robby Elmaliah
2010 / Israel / 54 min

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My Family in 17 Takes

DIR: Claudie Lévesque
2011 / Canada / 27 min

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BURUNDI, Under Terror

DIR: Eyal Sivan
1996 / France / 13 min

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DIR: Namik Kabil
2008 / Bosnia and Herzegovina / 22 min

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Trace of the future according to Lionel Baier

DIR: Lionel Baier
2014 / Russia, Switzerland / 3 min

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DIR: Audrius Stonys
2004 / Lithuania / 45 min

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Monastery 01

The Monastery: Mr. Vig and the Nun

DIR: Pernille Rose Grønkjær
2006 / Denmark / 84 min

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Haiku - Sylvain L'Espérance + René Roberge

DIR: Sylvain L'Espérance, René Roberge

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Ask Your Shadow

DIR: Lamine Ammar Khodja
2012 / Algeria / 82 min

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Mica and the Stories around Her

DIR: Nikodijević Milan
2010 / Serbia / 36 min

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Trace of the future according to Jorge Caballero

DIR: Jorge Caballero
2014 / Colombia / 2 min

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Doc no Rio Through the Eyes of Curator Maria Mendes

Doc no Rio Through the Eyes of Curator Maria Mendes

How did the idea of presenting the Doc no Rio showcase of Brazilian documentary, a part of which is available exclusively online at DAFilms.com, come about? Why does it make sense to be interested in Brazilian film? The curator of the programme Maria Mendes has answers!

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- 29.6.2015 -

Eternal or Factual 19th Jihlava IDFF?

Eternal or Factual 19th Jihlava IDFF?

The Doc Alliance festival season is in full swing! While the film world is preparing for the baking hot Marseille, the fall stop on the film festival map, Jihlava IDFF, is also getting ready; quite intensely in fact. The 19th edition is inspired by the theme of eternity and the festival visitors will be inspired by a truly exceptional guest – Julian Assange.

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- 22.6.2015 -

To the Border of the Sea and Documentary with FID Marseille

To the Border of the Sea and Documentary with FID Marseille

If you have ever doubted the fact that documentary film is an independent means of artistic expression, you have probably never been to the French documentary film festival FID Marseille. The French member of the Doc Alliance platform will welcome the first visitors at the hot French Riviera in less than a month. What will the 26th edition be like?

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- 15.6.2015 -

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