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Football Father

DIR: Michał Jóźwiak
2008 / Poland / 29 min

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The Forgiveness

DIR: Ventura Durall
2009 / Spain / 65 min

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Jerusalem Moments - Bus

DIR: Yasmine Novak
2009 / Israel / 10 min

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Jerusalem Moments - Ghetto Town

DIR: Amber Fares, Avi Goldstein, Adel Mahmoud
2009 / Israel / 11 min

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Rules of the Game

DIR: Ondrej Rudavský
2014 / Slovakia / 10 min

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Skin Under - It Smells Like Being FRENCH VERSION0

Skin Under / It Smells Like Being FRENCH VERSION

DIR: Victor Ede
2007 / France / 55 min

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The Adventure of Anna Barbora – an Interplay -CZECH VERSION0

The Adventure of Anna Barbora; an Interplay /CZECH VERSION

DIR: Vít Janeček
2008 / Czech Republic / 54 min

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Haiku - Gérard Allon 3

DIR: Gérard Allon

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Jerusalem Moments - Nine to Five

DIR: Daniel Gal
2009 / Israel / 17 min

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Jan Kaplický - Profile

DIR: Jakub Wagner
2004 / Czech Republic / 52 min

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Hotel Diaries 1 - Frozen War

DIR: John Smith
2001 / United Kingdom / 11 min

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Sejdeme se v Denveru 00

See you in Denver

DIR: Jan Šikl
Czech Republic / 52 min

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How I learned to Overcome my Fear

DIR: Avi Mograbi
1997 / Israel / 61 min

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Concrete Pharaohs

DIR: Jordan Todorov
2010 / Bulgaria / 47 min

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Song Song

DIR: Gwendal Sartre
France / 41 min

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On the “Eternity” of Short Film

On the “Eternity” of Short Film

Did you know that the history of short film is inseparably linked to documentary film? Read about the history of cinema, the unique Czech research project Atoms of Eternity and the potential of archive films online in our interview with film historian Lucie Česálková.

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- 23.2.2015 -

Documentary subscription is here!

Documentary subscription is here!

Besides the rich documentary programme, the new year also brings you a big bonus! From Monday, February 16, you can subscribe to the whole film catalogue of DAFilms.com, including more than 1 000 carefully selected films, for a month or for the whole year and stream without any limits! Subscribers can also look forward to many benefits and discounts. What are they? Read on!

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- 16.2.2015 -

East Doc Platform 2015 - Step into It!

East Doc Platform 2015 - Step into It!

On Monday, March 2, 2015, the fourth edition of East Doc Platform, the biggest documentary event of its kind in the Central and Eastern Europe begins  in Prague. This event is traditionally organized by Institute of Documentary Film in association with One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival. Become part of it!

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- 13.2.2015 -

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