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Amici - Dancing With Friends

DIR: Pavel Koutecký
1993 / Czech Republic / 30 min

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Cold Waves

DIR: Alexandru Solomon
2007 / Romania / 155 min

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Bananas Kids

DIR: Martin Ryšavý
2009 / Czech Republic / 63 min

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Revolution Girls

DIR: Natasha Dudinski, Taťána Slánská-Marková
2009 / Czech Republic / 57 min

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A Sunday in Prypiat FR

DIR: Frederic Cousseau, Blandine Huk
2006 / France / 26 min

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The Filmmaker is an Athlete_1

The Filmmaker is an Athlete. Conversations with Vittorio De Seta.

DIR: Vincent Sorrel, Barbara Vey
2010 / France / 80 min

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Who Will Teach Me the Half of the Character 00

Who Will Teach Me the Half of the Character

DIR: Martin Ryšavý
2006 / Czech Republic / 91 min

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Sweat and Tears - The Making of The Prague Spring.Opus No.2

DIR: Pavel Koutecký
2006 / Czech Republic / 58 min

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DIR: Mustapha Hasnaoui, Marianne Khoury
2010 / Egypt, France / 90 min

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The Roma King

DIR: Viliam Poltikovič
2009 / Czech Republic / 60 min

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Paradise Hotel

DIR: Sophia Tzavella
2010 / Bulgaria / 54 min

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Home Movie

DIR: Mišo Suchý
2002 / Slovakia, United States / 55 min

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Snail Fortress

DIR: Zsigmond Dezső
2005 / Hungary / 60 min

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DIR: Lucie Králová
2005 / Czech Republic / 28 min

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Haiku - Stéphane Goël

DIR: Stéphane Goël

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Spring Tour de Doc Alliance

Spring Tour de Doc Alliance

Start the new Doc Alliance festival season with us! Travel to one of the first festivals, for instance Switzerland’s Visions du Réel or Poland’s Docs Against Gravity, or set out to an online festival journey. Leading film directors, festival winners and more than 100 new films in the programme are waiting for you in the course of April!

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- 30.3.2015 -

A Look Inside DAFilms: Part 2

A Look Inside DAFilms: Part 2

We are offering you another peek inside DAFilms.com! Would you like to know who is sitting at the other side of the computer screen while you are happily watching our documentaries? In our second team interview, we are introducing Project Coordinator and our youngest colleague Barbora Langmajerová!

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- 23.3.2015 -

5 Documentary Gifts for Our 10th Anniversary!

5 Documentary Gifts for Our 10th Anniversary!

Celebrate our 10th documentary anniversary throughout the year! Follow the anniversary news appearing in our film catalogue as well as among the bonuses for our viewers and offers for our subscribers! What are the brand new gifts you can “unwrap” right now?

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- 16.3.2015 -

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