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Changing the Scene (Eyes in colour of the Scene)

DIR: Vít Pancíř
2010 / Czech Republic / 10 min

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Room Service for Bombed Buildings

DIR: Dionis Escorsa
2004 / Serbia / 17 min

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DIR: Jacob Dammas
2007 / Denmark, Poland / 26 min

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cesta_magdaleny _obinson_4

The Journey of Magdalena Robinson

DIR: Marek Šulík
2008 / Slovakia / 40 min

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Tatíček a Lili Marlén 00

Daddy and Lili Marlene

DIR: Jan Šikl
2002 / Czech Republic / 52 min

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The work of machines

DIR: Gilles Lepore, Maciej Madracki, Michal Madracki
2009 / Poland, Switzerland / 38 min

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I. E. [site 01-isole eolie]

DIR: Lotte Schreiber
2004 / Austria / 8 min

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Moved Twice

DIR: Martin Sagadin
2012 / New Zealand / 18 min

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Hauser and Žižek: teoreticians of postmarxistic philosophy

DIR: Boris Jankovec, Helena Všetečková
2008 / Czech Republic / 72 min

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Chicken Love

DIR: Zuzana Piussi
2011 / Slovakia / 52 min

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Verden i Danmark 3

The World in Denmark

DIR: Max Kestner
2007 / Denmark / 40 min

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Their Helicopter0

Their Helicopter

DIR: Salome Jashi
2006 / Georgia / 22 min

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Sofa Rockers

DIR: Timo Novotny
2000 / Austria, Japan / 4 min

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Sempre Semper

DIR: Timo Novotny
2003 / Austria / 2 min

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Jour Sombre

DIR: Johannes Hammel
2011 / Austria / 8 min

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A Look Inside DAFilms: Part 2

A Look Inside DAFilms: Part 2

We are offering you another peek inside DAFilms.com! Would you like to know who is sitting at the other side of the computer screen while you are happily watching our documentaries? In our second team interview, we are introducing Project Coordinator and our youngest colleague Barbora Langmajerová!

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- 23.3.2015 -

5 Documentary Gifts for Our 10th Anniversary!

5 Documentary Gifts for Our 10th Anniversary!

Celebrate our 10th documentary anniversary throughout the year! Follow the anniversary news appearing in our film catalogue as well as among the bonuses for our viewers and offers for our subscribers! What are the brand new gifts you can “unwrap” right now?

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- 16.3.2015 -

Join the Kino Maidan Movement!

Join the Kino Maidan Movement!

For the 8th time, One World Romania festival awakens the screening halls of Bucharest with the power of people’s and documentary accounts of injustice, problems of contemporary democracy and the significance of civil protests. Why does this year’s edition carry the title Kino Maidan? The festival director Alexandru Solomon will give you the answer!

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- 8.3.2015 -

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