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Jerusalem Moments - Ghetto Town

DIR: Amber Fares, Avi Goldstein, Adel Mahmoud
2009 / Israel / 11 min

More Added on 1.3.2012


Jerusalem Moments - Nine to Five

DIR: Daniel Gal
2009 / Israel / 17 min

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Jerusalem Moments - In Israel's Custody

DIR: Rdwan Duha
2009 / Israel / 14 min

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Hamamm_al-Ayn_and _Me_1

Jerusalem Moments - Hamamm al-Ayn and Me

DIR: Nihad Sabri
2009 / Israel / 8 min

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Jerusalem Moments - The Little Western Wall

DIR: Liviu Babitz
2009 / Israel / 14 min

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Jerusalem Moments - Prince of Jerusalem

DIR: Momen Shabaneh
2009 / Israel / 16 min

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Arnošt Lustig - Nine Lives

DIR: Ivo Pavelek, Kristina Pavelková
2012 / Czech Republic / 63 min

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Avenge, but One of my two eyes

DIR: Avi Mograbi
2005 / Israel / 100 min

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land of madness_1

Land of Madness

DIR: Luc Moullet
2009 / France / 90 min

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The Arrivals 01

The Arrivals

DIR: Claudine Bories, Patrice Chagnard
2009 / France / 111 min

More Added on 22.1.2012


Nothing against nothing

DIR: Petr Marek
2011 / Czech Republic / 98 min

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DIR: Avi Mograbi
2008 / Israel / 81 min

More Added on 16.1.2012


August, Before the eruption

DIR: Avi Mograbi
2002 / Israel / 72 min

More Added on 16.1.2012


How I learned to Overcome my Fear

DIR: Avi Mograbi
1997 / Israel / 61 min

More Added on 15.1.2012


Open 24 Hours / English version

DIR: Xavi Camprecios
2009 / China, Spain / 29 min

More Added on 14.1.2012


A Look Inside DAFilms: Part 1

A Look Inside DAFilms: Part 1

Did you know that the DAFilms.com portal celebrates its 10th anniversary this year? In the world of online distribution, this is an extraordinary thing; so we decided to celebrate our big anniversary by introducing the DAFilms.com team and our life outside the virtual reality.

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- 2.3.2015 -

On the “Eternity” of Short Film

On the “Eternity” of Short Film

Did you know that the history of short film is inseparably linked to documentary film? Read about the history of cinema, the unique Czech research project Atoms of Eternity and the potential of archive films online in our interview with film historian Lucie Česálková.

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- 23.2.2015 -

Documentary subscription is here!

Documentary subscription is here!

Besides the rich documentary programme, the new year also brings you a big bonus! From Monday, February 16, you can subscribe to the whole film catalogue of DAFilms.com, including more than 1 000 carefully selected films, for a month or for the whole year and stream without any limits! Subscribers can also look forward to many benefits and discounts. What are they? Read on!

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- 16.2.2015 -

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