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- 5.1.2015 9:47 -

TOP 5 Documentary Interviews

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Have you been reading our weekly news on a regular basis? Why not recall the most interesting interviews we have made for you with the key personalities of world documentary and the film festival scene! Immerse yourselves in the TOP 5 documentary interviews, including those with director Helena Třeštíková, curator Amir Labaki and DAS Award winner André Valentim Almeida, with the arrival of the new year!

1. Extraordinary and Patient Helena Třeštíková

In the fall of the past year, the historical viewing records were broken thanks to the documentary film retrospective of internationally acclaimed Czech director Helena Třeštíková. Read our extensive interview and learn that the director originally dealt with visual arts among other things. The filmmaker will introduce the specifics of her long-term observational method which brought her the “European Oscar; the Prix Arte; in 2008.

2. Happy Days of Brazilian Documentary According to Amir Labaki

The DAFilms.com portal experienced another historical milestone in 2014. For the first time ever, we were able to present a selection of contemporary Brazilian documentary films thanks to our successful collaboration with Brazil’s biggest festival E Tudo Verdade. We have used that occasion to ask the festival’s director, film theorist and curator Amir Labaki, why Brazilian documentary is on the rise in Brazil and what its social role and tradition is.

3. And the DAS Award goes to... Andre Valentim Almeida!

In May of the past year, the European Doc Alliance Selection Award, which is awarded by the seven Doc Alliance festivals, has found its new holder for the 7th time. The European film jury awarded the student film A Quest of the Schooner Creoula by young Portuguese director Andre Valentim Almeida. How can an award help a beginning talented filmmaker and what future paths can it open?

4. There’s always new music stories to be told, believes Adam Thorsmark

The year 2014 has brought many unique pieces of experience to the DAFilms.com portal. One of them consisted in the presentation of the selection of music documentaries. Becoming increasingly popular with festival programme selectors as well as festival audiences, this specific documentary genre has represented one of the most progressive components of the Danish Doc Alliance festival CPH:DOX on a long-term basis. We have discussed the potential of the music documentaries to bring new viewers to cinema halls as well as the contemporary trends of this specific genre with curator of the Sound & Vision programme Adam Thorsmark.

5. The Eternal Observer with an Experimental Eye Dariusz Kowalski

March 2014 saw the film selection of works by Dariusz Kowalski, Polish filmmaker widely acclaimed in the field of film and visual arts. In our interview, the audiovisual artist, who has straddled the fine line between documentary film, experiment and video art, reveals the filmmakers who have influenced his specific vision of the world and describes his relation to new technologies and modern communication which play a specific role in his films.

Stay true to DAFilms.com, our films and articles in 2015 as well! We can already promise you that in the following weeks, you can look forward to an interview about Chilean documentary or an interview with Russian director Viktor Kossakovsky among others.

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Gulîstan, Land of Roses Wins Prestigious Doc Alliance Selection Award at Locarno IFF

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Doc Alliance Selection Award 2016: Fresh Documentary Talents at the Upcoming Ninth DAS Awards

Doc Alliance Selection Award 2016: Fresh Documentary Talents at the Upcoming Ninth DAS Awards

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