Sergey Kachkin (Russia)

Sergey Kachkin, a Russian film director and producer, was educated in Moscow at the Higher School of Journalism, and Documentary Film School. Since 2006 Sergey has made several documentaries as a producer, film director and DoP. The films have been noted both in Russia and abroad. Two of his films were shown in the USA in 2007-2008 as a part of the Cultural Leaders Program / Filmmakers. He took part in several workshops led by Rafi Pitts – film director, Tue Steen Müller – international documentary consultant, and Iikka Vehkalahti, commission editor of YLE TV2 Documentaries. In 2010 Sergey received an EEFA grant to develop and finish the mid-length documentary On the Way Home. His next documentary, Perm-36, a Territory of Freedom, is about the museum of political repressions PERM-36 and its context in modern-day in Russia.


  • PERM-36, a Territory of Freedom
  • On the Way Home
  • Dance of Colour
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