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Mauro Andrizzi: Film Festival Favourite


In the past years, his name has regularly appeared on the lists of the most remarkable talents of contemporary documentary film. With each of his new films, star of young Argentinian cinema MAURO ANDRIZZI proves that he is not going to fall from the wobbly ladder of festival fame and programme selection any time soon. Watch the films by a filmmaker to whom film means life and vice versa; meet Mauro Andrizzi from May 11 to 17 at DAFilms.com for free!

Since the very beginning, the academic as well as professional steps of Mauro Andrizzi have been linked to his passion for the film medium. The filmmaker, now ranking among the leading personalities of contemporary documentary film in their thirties, studied directing and scriptwriting in Buenos Aires. He made use of both of his qualifications as a maker of short films and writer of TV shows; for seven years, he also worked as programmer of the Mar del Plata IFF.

The future course of Andrizzi’s successful directing career was firmly set in the mid-2000s. A crucial turning point came with the filmmaker’s feature debut MONO from 2007. Well received primarily by young audiences, the film captures the generation change of Argentinian independent music in a visual collage composed of music videos; from the professional perspective, it resulted in the filmmaker’s founding his own production company Mono Films.

Andrizzi’s second documentary IRAQI SHORT FILMS became his first festival hit. Based on a long-term research and collecting of material, the film makes an analysis of war propaganda related to the conflict in Iraq, using raw amateur footage filmed on mobile phones by representatives of various sides of the war inferno. The film has been included in the programme sections of over sixty world film festivals while attracting special attention at prestigious exhibition institutions such as New York’s MoMA and Centre Pompidou in Paris.

The great success of Andrizzi’s second film enabled him to premiere his third film IN THE FUTURE at Venice Film Festival. Telling nine stories with a central focus on love, lovemaking and, in a certain sense, the film camera as a lover seizing the person or object in front of the lens, the film is unique primarily for its experimental aesthetic character and fragmentary nature, bringing the viewers to the space of memories of longing.

Andrizzi’s latest film ACCIDENTES GLORIOSOS, too, managed to ascend to the imaginary festival top. Made in collaboration with Swedish filmmaker and dramatist Marcus Lindeen at the creative platform DOX:LAB at the Danish Doc Alliance festival CPH:DOX, the film won the medium-length film section Orizzonti at Venice Film Festival in 2011. The documentary reflection on the philosophical nature of the moment, which can change the sense and the previous trajectory of one’s life in the wink of an eye, again presents nine stories; this time, however, they are related by direct experience, a mediated perspective and a pathological obsession with the unique moment of the transformation of the state of things.

Do not miss the first online retrospective of films by Mauro Andrizzi in the week from May 11 to 17, 2015 at DAFilms.com for free!

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Iraqi Short Films

Iraqi Short Films (Orig.) / 2008 / Argentina / 93 min

A compilation of videos shot by coalition soldiers mainly by mobile phones.



Glorious Accidents

Accidentes Gloriosos (Orig.) / 2011 / Argentina, Denmark / 58 min

Car crashes are instant art and sculptures made in seconds...



In the future

En el futuro (Orig.) / 2010 / Argentina / 60 min

En el futuro opens with lengthy shots of couples kissing. Each of the nine love stories tackled in this daring experimental film look at the past as seen from the present...




Mono (Orig.) / 2008 / Argentina / 82 min

“Mono” is an experimental documentary about a renovation in the Argentinian musical scene. Twelve new bands - Los Álamos, El mató a un policía motorizado, Bauer, Los Kahunas, Los Cuzcos, Brian Storming, Norma, Pablo Reche, Turpentine, Hacia Dos Veranos, Los Peyotes and McFly - and their audience, were filmed during six months, in long takes, during their concerts in different Argentinian cities...





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