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A documentary traveller: An online retrospective Sean McAllister


Sean McAllister is a British documentary filmmaker who has brought stories from Israel, Iraq, Japan, and most recently Syria and Yemen. Sean's films portray people with characteristic intimacy and frankness, specifically in the film Japan: A Story of Love and Hate. Do not miss this unique opportunity to watch 5 films from a filmmaker who Michael Moore marks as "one of the most brave and powerful filmmakers around".

Watch the retrospective for FREE from September 10 to 16.

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The Minders

The Minders (Orig.) / 1998 / United Kingdom / 50 min

Sean McAllister creates a double portrait of his Ministry of Information minders, Kifah and Alla, following the aversion of the 1998 crisis in Iraq....




Settlers (Orig.) / 2000 / United Kingdom / 60 min

Tension mounts to the boiling point as Jewish “settlers” encroach upon the formerly exclusive Arab neighbourhoods of Jerusalem...



Hull`s Angel

Hull`s Angel (Orig.) / 2002 / United Kingdom / 49 min

Since losing her job at a hostel for failing to work within the Home Office’s strict guidelines, 48-year-old Tina has continued to help Hull’s 1,500 asylum seekers for free...



The Liberace of Baghdad

The Liberace of Baghdad (Orig.) / 2004 / Denmark, United Kingdom / 71 min

Samir Peter, once Iraq’s most famous pianist now plays in a half-empty hotel bar to contractors, mercenaries and besieged journalists...



Japan: A Story of Love and Hate

Japan: A Story of Love and Hate (Orig.) / 2008 / United Kingdom / 67 min

Naoki 56, had it all in Japan’s bubble economy days: he ran a business with 70 staff, drove a brand new BMW, and lived in a 6 bedroom house...





“My work has two strands: the first one deals with direct political images of violence, aggression and protest, mostly in Israeli-Palestinian context. It’s critique of news media, researching the complex, both realistic and surrealistic aspects of these images. The second strand of videos is more abstract and universal, dealing with cognitive, environmental and existential issues,” says the director about his works.

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- 16.1.2017 -

Charter 77

Charter 77

We commemorate the 40th anniversary of the founding of Charter 77 by presenting documentary profiles of the signatories to this important initiative of anti-communist resistance. Learn more about the context of this historical event by means of an authentic film experience.

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Merry and Cinematic Christmas from DAFilms!

Merry and Cinematic Christmas from DAFilms!

A bonus subscription to DAFilms.com is a present you will never get tired of thanks to its diversity. You can get it for your close ones or just for yourself.

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