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- 16.2.2015 9:48 -

Documentary subscription is here!


Besides the rich documentary programme, the new year also brings you a big bonus! From Monday, February 16, you can subscribe to the whole film catalogue of DAFilms.com, including more than 1 000 carefully selected films, for a month or for the whole year and stream without any limits! Subscribers can also look forward to many benefits and discounts. What are they? Read on!

After the big call from our documentary fans across the world, the DAFilms.com portal comes with the advantageous possibility of subscribing to the whole film catalogue for a month or even for the whole year! The subscription will enable you to stream all documentaries included in our catalogue without any limits. You will also get an extended film offer, your own user profile with useful viewing functions, and you will never be bothered by ads again.

More than 1 000 documentaries without limits

Are you tired of searching in our extensive film offer, trying to carefully select the films that are worth investing in? Believe us that all of them are! Over 1 000 documentary films found at DAFilms.com undergo a demanding selection process. That is why you can only find original and quality documentaries in our catalogue that you can watch anytime, anywhere and as long as you wish thanks to our new monthly or yearly subscription.

All it takes is to register and all our films are yours for just 3.99 a month! If you are a frequent viewer of our films, a film professional, filmmaker or student, do not miss the possibility of a yearly subscription for 35 euro which will save you up to 3 monthly payments!

Subscription benefits

Besides the unlimited possibility of streaming all films from the catalogue, the film subscription brings you a whole range of other benefits as well. The main one consists in your new personalized personal profile with several useful functions which will help you enjoy our film offer even more! You will be able to create wish lists and follow your own film history so that recommending good films will be a little easier again.

Moreover, if you subscribe to our film catalogue, your watch later list will grow by several dozen films that are not accessible to regular users. Film searching will be even more fun! Last but not least, your film experience will not be disturbed by ads that will be switched off right after you register as a subscriber.

Discounts and gifts

Since we cherish not only our quality documentary catalogue but also our viewers, we have decided to offer you discounts for online downloads of all films from our catalogue along with your subscription. You can also look forward to original film gifts from us and our partners.

Films for everyone

If you have currently charged your account at DAFilms.com or are using a two-month film bonus as a newly registered user, nothing changes for you with the subscription offer and your content will definitely not go away. However, at the same time, you are in no way prevented from registering as a new documentary subscriber and using all the benefits that this novelty brings!

Find a true film love and get your documentary subscription right now!

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