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10 Years of Discovering the Best Documentaries for You

- 2.3.2015 9:16 -

A Look Inside DAFilms: Part 1


Did you know that the DAFilms.com portal celebrates its 10th anniversary this year? In the world of online distribution, this is an extraordinary thing; so we decided to celebrate our big anniversary by introducing the DAFilms.com team and our life outside the virtual reality.

Each month, you can look forward to a profile of one team member who will tell you more about her role, the nature of her job and naturally her favourite documentary films included in our catalogue. Each of the 5 members will be asked the same 5 questions so that you can compose the DAFilms mosaic as simply as possible. Let’s start with the most amusing example; that of a PR Manager making an interview with herself!

Andrea about Andrea (Public Relations)

What was your journey to DAFilms.com and documentary film like?

I became part of the DAFilms.com team in October 2013 after gaining experience in the field of art galleries where I was responsible for preparing programmes for the public, organizing conferences and debates, including documentary screenings. It was the possibility and task to mediate interesting ideas, original perspectives and important information to the general public that I found attractive and beneficial.

My journey to documentary film definitely hasn’t been and still isn‘t a direct one. Documentary has always surrounded me rather in the form of portraits of remarkable personalities and political and social probes; however, it was only thanks to my work for DAFilms.com that I discovered its diverse and hybrid nature, thanks to which it now represents one of the most interesting media most rapidly responding to the changes in the society to me.

What is the exact nature of your position – Public Relations?

Just like documentary film, my work is very diverse as well. Each week, I take care of topical texts for our viewers, introducing our weekly programme (Event of the Week), and offer interviews with festival representatives and filmmakers whose work we present in our news. At the same time, the Facebook and Twitter icons keep shining on my computer screen; besides spending several hours of my life with them, they also represent a great source of professional information from the world of film and documentary. Our viewers further encounter my work in the form of newsletters and press releases in the media. It is the very communication with the media, spreading articles about the portal, embedding films in the media outside our portal, communicating with journalists, securing advertisement spaces as well as creating documentary campaigns and promotional materials that constitutes the second part of my work. There is actually a pleasant balance. Every time I need to get a rest from writing, interesting promotional work and communication with viewers or journalists is waiting for me and vice versa.

What do you consider to be the most interesting part of your work for DAFilms.com?

Definitely the fact that I keep learning new information from the world of the internet and the way it works. We are living at a time when we would miss a remarkable part of the complex perspective of the present, its problems, our individual as well as global communication without understanding this part of the society. My position at the DAFilms.com team includes following the trends in the field of social media as well as the transformation of the behaviour of online media. However, the biggest bonus naturally consists in the unceasing stream of new visual and thematic impulses in the form of documentary films we work with. I have become literally addicted to it. It’s great to learn something new at work every week; actually it’s like going to school with only your favourite subjects in the curriculum.

What was your greatest experience in the world of online distribution and DAFilms.com?

I will definitely remember the visits to our Doc Alliance festival partners that have founded the portal. Each of them is specific and unique. While Copenhagen’s CPH:DOX always brings inspiration and new trends, the French FID Marseille has impressed me by its demanding programme selection. I currently believe that I will cherish the memory of meeting the legend of contemporary documentary Victor Kossakovsky for whom we have prepared the first world online retrospective and whom we have welcomed in Prague at his film master class. A wonderful experience!

What are the 3 films the viewers should not miss in our catalogue in your opinion?

My “holy online documentary trinity” includes the following films:

  1. Imitations of Life by Mike Hoolboom – a crucial film for all who can really “see”.

  2. The End of Time by Peter Mettler – a visual opus to which no words will do justice.

  3. Ortem by Dariusz Kowalski – a hypnotizing image of the present.

And of course, as a PR Manager, I have to write that you can watch all the documentaries over and over without any limits thanks to our film subscription!

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