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- 23.3.2015 9:33 -

A Look Inside DAFilms: Part 2


We are offering you another peek inside DAFilms.com! Would you like to know who is sitting at the other side of the computer screen while you are happily watching our documentaries? In our second team interview, we are introducing Project Coordinator and our youngest colleague Barbora Langmajerová!

On the occasion of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of DAFilms.com portal, we are bringing you a series of interviews with team members who take care of its smooth run. Each month, you can meet one profession, one team member and her journey to documentary film. In the first interview, you have learned how we manage to promote demanding films in the world of online distribution and what the tasks of a film PR manager are. This time, we will tell you more about the thing you encounter most often as viewers; the website. It is the problem-free functioning and content of the website that our youngest team member, Project Coordinator Barbora Langmajerová, takes care of.

What was your journey to DAFilms.com and documentary film?

My journey to DAFilms.com was a rather random and unplanned one; the way it usually works with the most memorable things. I learned about the open competition last year as an intern at the Czech Centre in Berlin which organized regular documentary Mondays dedicated to latest Central European documentaries. Thanks to that, I did not only have to successfully finish my studies upon my arrival to Prague but was also interviewed by my future colleagues in the sultry summer days. Their decision to share their office with me opened the door to documentary film for me. After spending six months at DAFilms.com, I feel that there will never be a day in my life when I will have nothing to watch.

What is the exact nature of your position – Project Coordinator?

As Project Coordinator, my task is to make sure that you will find all you need to know about the weekly events and presented films. I gather film materials such as synopses, photographs and directors’ biographies that I put online along with the films. That requires extensive communication with filmmakers as well as with colleagues who secure the technical processing of films, related texts, translations etc.

What do you consider to be the most interesting part of your work for DAFilms.com?

I like constant communication in English with people from the film environment. I have studied international studies in Prague and a major part of my schoolmates went right into state administration after finishing school. Personally, I am happy that I got a chance to gain experience in a small team of film fans rather than at an administration office; some of which still remind of Kafka’s books. During my studies, I would make use of every occasion to travel abroad and I hope that the network of international contacts that I am now building, for instance through our partner festivals, will come in handy one day.

What was your greatest experience in the world of online distribution and DAFilms.com?

Since we present all of our work results online, we spend most of our working hours at the computer. Therefore it is always a small feast for us to organize a public screening or a director’s master class. I entered DAFilms.com right before the launch of the big online retrospective of Helena Třeštíková who concluded her film retrospective with an interesting film debate with viewers at Světozor Cinema. That is also where DAFilms.com returned this year to present Victor Kossakovsky whose film advice is lapped up by film students as well as film professionals across the globe. I had never dealt with film from another perspective than that of a viewer; which makes these encounters brand new and even more interesting to me.

What are the 3 films the viewers should not miss in our catalogue in your opinion?

Since my studies mostly focused on modern history, I have watched the short Czechoslovak films from the National Film Archive with a special interest. Now is an ideal time to watch the film Tax Discipline where citizens look on smiling as the Inland Revenue Office burns down only to learn how their tax money is beneficial to the nation. Another current theme is that of children’s vaccination which is glorified in the film Health War (where doctors still use old-fashioned terms for the latest technologies of the period).

I have burst my personal bubble while watching Into the Clouds We Gaze, last year’s Jihlava IDFF winner. The wonderfully shot film by Martin Dušek proves that one does not have to leave the country to learn about other cultures and subcultures.

There is one more film on my personal watch list; the Chilean film Propaganda dealing with various practices used during the last presidential campaign; which is a theme that I find as important in South America as in Central Europe.

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