Scene from the film The Girl on the Broom
Scene from the film The Girl on the Broom
Scene from the film The Girl on the Broom

The Girl on the Broom

Surreal comedy about a witch student Saxana kept in after school, who accidentally ends up in the world of ordinary people...

In 1971, the workshop of director Václav Vorlíček and the screenwriter Miloš Macourek produced one of the most successful titles of their common filmography. This surreal comedy about a witching student kept in after school who accidentally ends up in the world of ordinary people is used by Macourek as a popular means of contrasting an unusual element with our “normal” world. Thanks to the charming, albeit somewhat confused Saxana, the subgenre of a high-school comedy in Dívka na koštěti (The Girl on the Broom) transforms into a funny critique of everyday, real life. The titular heroine has to become clear in her mind about such basic concepts as good and evil, hatred and love. Her stay in the world of humans, where she meets a nice boy called Honza and the greedy class creep Miky Rousek, teaches the young witch incomparably more than the original 300 years detention that she had been given in her educational institution at home. Miky and his cronies use the naïve witch for their own benefit, and it takes Saxana a while before she realises that they have tricked her… In The Girl on the Broom, a modern fairy tale, which Macourek also returned to in, among other things, the TV series Arabela, becomes the basis for an intelligent, imaginative, and funny spectacle that has acquired cult status among several generations of viewers. The then 22-year-old singer Petra Černočka also contributes to the success of the film. She plays Saxana with charm, grace, and love. The popular player of nice, sensitive young men, Jan Hrušínský appears as Honza in the film. Vorlíček, however, also exhibited an extraordinary talent for casting in the supporting roles (Vladimír Menšík in the part of a vampire janitor, Jan Kraus as the malevolent Miky, Helena Růžičková as a crazy patient in a lunatic asylum, etc.).

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  • Czech Republic
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