Martin Páv (Czech Republic)

A graduate from FAMU’s directing department, Martin Páv (1992) has previously worked mostly with fiction film. Even before starting his studies, he shot the low-budget feature film Keep Going (2012), part of which is set in India. While at FAMU, he created several short student films, including Hamburgers (2012) and The Fourth Spring (2013), as well as the medium-length childhood drama The Great Journey (2015). Vote For Kibera (2018) is his debut feature.


  • Wolves at the Borders
  • Kibera: Příběh slumu / Vote For Kibera
  • Velká výprava / The Great Journey
  • Čtvrté jaro / The Fourth Spring
  • Jdi dál / Keep Going
  • Hamburgery / Hamburgers
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