Mirosław Dembiński (Poland)

Mirosław Dembiński was born in Bydgoszcz in 1959. In the years 1977–1981 he participated in a student theatre movement as an actor and director, first in Bydgoszcz and then in Torun. In 1978 he started studying mathematics at Nicolaus Copernicus University. Having received a diploma with a distinction he worked as an academic teacher at the Mathematics Institute at the N.Copernicus University for three years. In 1986 he started to study at the faculty of direction of Lodz Film School. His school films The Cause Smaller than Life, The Orange Alternative, My little Everest, Plus, minus, infinity have got altogether 20 prizes at international film festivals. In 1990 he started to work as assistant at Lodz Film School where he continues to keep classes of documentary up today. In 1991 he founded the Film Studio “Everest”. Within over fifteen years of its existence it has produced over forty films and film series. There are documentaries, reports, short fiction, promotion and advertising films. Altogether over 30 hours of broadcast. These films were awarded over 60 times at several international film festivals. The Film Studio Everest specializes in documentary films made for the television. It co-operates regularly with the Polish Television TVP, Canal+ Poland (documentary and short fiction film), and also with the Educational Film Producers, the Lodz Film Centre and Film School. In 1995 the Film Studio Everest started an international co-production. It co-operates with the Centre Nationale de la Cinematographie (France), Epo Film (Austria), Shoot the Breeze Production (South Africa) and others.


  • Stawka mniejsza niż życie/ The Cause Smaller than Life
    21´, Poland, 1987
  • Pomarańczowa Alternatywa/ Orange Alternative
    21´, Poland, 1989
  • Mój mały Everest/ My Little Everest
    12´, Poland, 1989
  • Stuttgart
    18´, Poland, 1989
  • Plus minus nieskończoność/ Plus Minus Infinity
    34´, Poland, 1990
  • Owoce ziemi czarnej/ Fruits of Black Soil
    12´, Poland, 1992
  • Tarantriller
    52´, Poland, 1993
  • Paweł i Gaweł/ Paweł and Gaweł
    5x3´, Poland, 1993
  • Pochowajcie mnie razem z nimi/ Bury Me Together With Them
    52´, Poland, 1995
  • Wezwanie/ Summon
    70´, Poland, 1996
  • A ty co?/ What About You?
    26´, Poland, 1997
  • Przygoda dobosza/ The Drum-Major´s Adventure
    9´, Poland, 1998
  • Ganek
    26´, Poland, 1998
  • Ikar/ Icarus
    38´, Poland, 1999
  • Daj siebie innym/ Give Yourself to the Others
    25´, Poland, 2002
  • Markowi Kotańskiemu/ To Marek Kotański
    37´, Poland, 2002
  • Wspólnylot/ Shared Flight
    50´, Poland, 2003
  • Krasnoludek prezydentem/ The Dwarf for President
    36´, Poland, 2003
  • Zwycięzcy i przegrani/ Losers and Winners
    58´, Poland, 2004
  • Praszczur/ Granpa
    26´, Poland, 2005
  • Krasnoludki jada na Ukraine/ Dwarfs Go to Ukraine
    58´, Poland, 2005
  • Lekcja bialoruskiego/ A Lesson of Belorussian
    58´, Poland, 2006
  • Muzyczna partyzantka/ Music Partisans
    52´, Poland, 2007

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