Gergő Somogyvári (Hungary)

Gergő Somogyvári was born 1978. After “Szellemkép” photo school, and Kodolanyi College faculty of television and journalism He worked as a travelling photo journalist for “Találkozások” magazine, and “Népszabadság” news paper. He travelled and took pictures in Hungary, India, Nepal, Brazil, Bulgaria, Albania, Vietnam, Turkey, Croatia, and almost every country in EU. In 2007 He finished the Hungarian Film Academy as a cinematographer.
Since that time he is member of Dunaworkshop – workshop of Duna Television, funded by hungarian influential producer György Durst.
Currently he prepares his diploma film and works as a DOP in videos, concerts, fiction and non-fiction movies. In 2008 he finished a feature long documentary about lighthousekeepers of the Adriatic Sea: Lanterna - Where not even loneliness would stay

Lanterna - Ahol a magány se jár/ Lanterna - Kde ani samota nezůstane - with Anna Kis (58´, Hungary, 2007)
Csempelevél (25´, Hungary, 2009)

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