Václav Reischl (Germany)

Václav Reischl was born in Větřní, Czech Republic in 1947. In 1972 he graduated from the Film and TV Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague and one year later he emigrated to Germany.
Just a few years later, in 1978, he founded, together with Jurák Lipták, the photo and film production company R&L. Thanks to their successful commercial photographic work, they were also able to produce various independent fiction and non-fiction films and could realize various photography exhibitions. In the last few years, Reischl was also able to realize a couple of projects together with his daughter Tine Reischl (NurLimonade Media Productions Amsterdam, Netherlands).
Václav Reischl’s photography experience ranges from artistic experimental and social photography to a wide range of commercial photography all over the world (Europe, United States, Oman, Canada, China and many other countries).


  • Der Käfer/ The Beetle
    46´, Germany, 1981
  • Die Helbe Wahrheit/ The Half Truth
    100´, Germany, 1984
  • Der Alte und die see/ The Old Man and the Sea
    20´, Germany, 1986
  • Geld&saudade/ Money and Saudade
    50´, Germany, 1988
  • Köln ruft Kairo/ Cologne calling Cairo
    20´, Germany, 1993
  • Der Park/ The Public Garden
    5´, Germany, 1993
  • Ein bisschen verwirrt/ A Little Confused
    45´, Germany, 1994-99
  • Bialystok-Leonberg-Haifa
    60´, Germany, 2002
  • Überlebende des KZ Leonberg/ Survivors of KZ Leonberg
    32´, Germany, 2003
  • Maler Moshe Neufeld/ Painter Moshe Neufeld
    31´, Germany, 2003
  • Zement
    15´, Germany, 2004
  • Grossvater, was ist Leonberg?/ Granddad, what is Leonberg?
    61´, Germany, 2004
  • ROzhraní-Grenzbereich/ Boderline
    78´, Germany, 2005
  • Eingeklemmt/ Stucked
    22´, Germany, 2006
  • Tomás Lomm
    60´, Germany, 2006
  • Není Hietler jako Hitler/ Not Every Hietler is Hitler
    57´, CZ, 2006
  • Anstifter Grohmann
    Germany, 2007
  • Heim nach Böhmen
    57´, Germany/Netherlands/CZ, 2008
  • Nix Desert Storm
    20´, Germany, 2009

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