Stéphane Goël (Switzerland)

Stéphane Goël was born in 1965 in Lausanne, Switzerland. He has worked as an editor and independent director since 1985. He lived and worked in New York between 1987 and 1993. Directed several artistic and experimental videos before moving on to full-fledged documentaries. Also works as a director and reporter for Swiss Public Television.


Toys and Us (26’, Switzerland, 1987)
Far From the Heart (Random) (3´, USA, 1989)
Chroniques cathodiques/ Cathodic Chronicles - co-directed with Fernand Melgar (52’, Switzerland/USA 1990)
The Importance of Time Past; Forgetting (2’, Switzerland, 1990)
La république de l'utopie (Portraits USA)/ The Republic of Utopia (8 x 2’, Switzerland, 1990)
Jean-Marc (4´, Switzerland, 1993)
A l'ouest du Pecos / West of the Pecos (72’, Switzerland, 1993)
Photo de classe (4´, Switzerland, 1993)
Le garçon s'appelait Apache/ This Boy's Name Was Apache (53’, Switzerland, 1995)
Lorsque mon heure viendra/ When My Time Is Up (55´, Switzerland, 1995)
Panorama 96 (14', Switzerland, 1996)
L'or de la réserve/ Gold on the Reserve (15’, Switzerland, 1997)
Campagne perdue/ Lost Countryside (53’, Switzerland, 1997)
Une jeunesse au goűt de terre/ Teenagers With a Taste for the Land (43´, Switzerland, 1998)
The Last Stand of Swiss Horses (42´, Switzerland, 1999)
The African Gamble (18´, Switzerland, 2000)
Architectour de Suisse (5x15´, Switzerland, 2001)
Help, Insecurity Is Back! (52´, Switzerland, 2002)
Voyage by Night (52´, Switzerland, 2003)
Le poison – le crime de Maracon/ The Poison (54´, Switzerland, 2003)
Kisses from Moscow (48´, Switzerland, 2004)
Sur les traces des pharaons noirs/ In the land of the black pharaohs (52´, Switzerland, 2005)
DESIGNSuisse (ADN) (12´, Switzerland, 2005)
Qué viva Mauricio Demierre (70´, Switzerland, 2006)
Le Secret/ The Secret (12´, Switzerland, 2007)
Le crépuscule des Celtes/ The twilight of the Celts (53´, Switzerland, 2008)
Prud'hommes (85', Switzerland, 2010)
De la cuisine au parlement (67', Switzerland, 2012)

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