Patric Jean (Belgium)

Patric Jean was born in Belgium in 1968. He studied theatre, literature and cinema at Brussels Univerzity, conservatoire and cinema school (INSAS).
He first directed short fiction movies. He started making documentaries with Les enfants de Borinage - lettre a Henri Storck. A film about social problems in the South of Belgium managed by the socialist party. A big polictical fuss in Belgium.
His second film Traces was a short movie (docufiction) about a painter, Didier Mahieau.
In 2003 Patric directed La Raison du plus fort/ Might Is Right. The film has been broadcasted in fifteen countries and screened in forty cinemas in France. His following documentary feature - D´un Mur l´autre/Wall to Wall - is a road movie from Berlin to Ceuta meeting migrants. A hopefull sad film. His next long documentary film is for cinema distribution again, it is about "masculine dominance" with a feminist goal.
He lives in Paris and in Belgium while preparing new both fiction and documentary series.


  • La conquête du Pôle Sud - together with Manfred Karge
    25´, Belgium, 1997
  • Les enfants du borinage - Lettre à Henri Storck
    Belgium, 2000
  • Traces
    Belgium, 2001
  • La raison du plus fort/ Might is Right
    86´, Belgium, 2003
  • D´un Mur l´autre/Wall to Wall
    Belgium, 2005
  • La domination masculine/ Male Domination
    103´, France, 2009
  • Lazarus Mirages
    France, 2012

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