Nader Davoodi (Iran)

Nader Davoodi was born in 1963. He is an award winning Iranian photojournalist. He has an M.A. in Communication and a Bachelor of Art in Archaeology & History of Art.
For the past two decades, he has been working to produce ethnographically detailed works that document a very important period in contemporary Iranian history. He is the first Iranian sport photographer to cover the FIFA World Cup (USA 1994) and his photo of Yordan Lechkov’s goal against Germany won him the best sport picture of the year award in the annual Iranian sport’s photo contest.
While Davoodi's work can best be described as documentary, he aims to artistically capture important moments in everyday life rather than merely document. In 2000, he covered the Sydney Olympic Games which resulted in publishing a book entitled Sydney 2000. The book includes the most amazing sidelines covering different nationalities in exceptional moments of happiness & passion.
He is one of the first Iranian photographers to have an exhibition in the month of photography in Toronto (Contact 2005), with the title Breaking the Rules at the University of Toronto. Currently residing in Toronto, Ontario, he is a Founding Member of the Iranian Photojournalists Association (1998) and one the first to create an all English photoblog on Iran (July, 2005). He is the publisher of Tamashagaran Weekly.
He has published four books entitled “Iran on its way to the World Cup”, “A simple Event”, “Iranian Artifacts in the Metropolitan Museum of Art”, and “Sydney 2000” as both writer and editor.
His documentary, 13 and a Half, co-directed with Abbas Ahmadi was premiered at the 25th Vancouver International Film Festival.

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