Michel Brault (Canada)

Michel Brault (born in 1928 in Montreal) is a Quebec cinematographer, cameraman, film director, screenwriter and film producer. His name appears in the credits of more than two hundred productions. Brault is a leading figure of Direct Cinema, characteristic of the French branch of the National Film Board of Canada in the 1960s.In 1956, Michel Brault joined the National Film Board (NFB) of Canada and two years later he made together with Gilles Groulx Les Raquetteurs, a film that had a decisive influence on NFB's french section in question of engaging in Direct Cinema movement.
As a cinematographer Brault was a pioneer of the hand-held camera aesthetic and collaborated with number of film directors from both North America and Europe, for example: Jean Rouch, Mario Ruspoli, Claude Jutra, Philippe de Broca, Dick Pearce or Czech director Vojtech Jasný, with whom he worked on children´s fantasy The Great Land of Small (1986).
For the whole of his works, Michel Brault received the Victor-Morin Award (Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montréal) in 1975, the Molson Award ( Canada Arts Council) in 1980, and the Governor-general's Award in 1996.


Les Raquetteurs/ The Snowshoers - together with Gilles Groulx (15´, Canada, 1958)
La lutte (28´, Canada, 1961)
Québec-U.S.A. ou L'invasion pacifique (27´, Canada, 1962)
Les enfants du silence (24´, Canada, 1962)
Pour la suite du monde - together with Pierre Perrault (105´, Canada, 1963)
Le temps perdu (27´, Canada, 1964)
Geneviève (28´, Canada, 1964)
La fleur de l'âge, ou Les adolescentes (80´, Canada/Italy/France/Japan, 1964)
Entre la mer et l'eau douce (85´, Canada, 1967)
Les enfants de Néant (45´, France/Canada, 1968)
Le beau plaisir (15´, Canada, 1968)
Éloge du chiac (27´, Canada, 1969)
L'acadie, l'Acadie - together with Pierre Perrault (117´, Canada, 1971)
Les ordres (109´, Canada, 1974)
A Freedom to Move (23´, Canada, 1985)
Les noces de papier (95´, Canada, 1989)
Montréal vu par... (125´, Canada, 1991) - segment director
Shabbot Shalom (Canada, 1994)
Mon amie Max (106´, Canada/France, 1994)
Ozias Leduc, comme l'espace et le temps (63´, Canada, 1996)
Quand je serai parti... vous vivrez encore (120´, Canada, 1999)

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