Silvana Ceschi

Born in Zurich on 21 July 1966 and trained as a journalist at the Swiss School of Journalism (MAZ) in Lucerne. She soon dreamed of telling her stories in pictures and sounds as well and she learned the craft of filmmaking as an intern at Swiss Television, acted as assistant director on a number of documentaries and attended courses at the Drehbuchwerkstatt Niedersachsen, the documentary master school at the Filmwerkstatt Münster, and the Binger Documentary Directors’ Coaching Programme in Amsterdam.


  • Moritz
    co-director, 17´, Switzerland, 2001
  • Der Blutwurst-Verein
    14´, Switzerland, 2002
  • The Last Wall/ Die letzte Mauer
    52´, Switzerland, 2003
  • Los Van Van in Zürich
    13´, Switzerland, 2004
  • Queen of condoms/ La Reina del Condón
    co-director, 76 ’, Switzerland, Ireland, 2007

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